“These cunts are fucked ay” Eon O'Brien

Full-Time Cunt, IPHYB

“Never before have I approached such a sight of scum and villainy” Mike De Man Jr.

The Astr0naut, IPHYB

“Liam Robnik and Chris Giacca devils 3 way’d my girlfriend.
One of the dickheads finished in her, now i got a kid on the way and I don’t know which fuckwit made her pregnant. So the child support is coming from both of you cock buckets.

Pay up, cunt.” Sam Peinas

Mosh Lord, The Pit

“You might be good. But you’re not 22-time Hardcore Champion good like my cousin Crash. If your band ain’t serious and your band fucking sucks, I will verbally tear you the fuck apart, much like my cousin Hardcore did to that softy on the reality show Tough Enough.” Thrash Holly

Champ, WWE

“Inept cunts rip into other cunts for being inept. It’s beautiful.” Silas Jonas Bjerre

Artist, I Poorly Minimalise Stuff

“These guys made me hate my own band” Zachen Wiki

Ragnar, Vikings

“A constant disappointment to the concept of democracy and free speech” Jerry Di Re

Opinions, Facebook

“I want to be reimbursed for the data used to download this rank shit. You might probably hate my band but you should definitely fuck off!” Rashid AlKamraikhi

Bass, Dr. Parallax

“I’d rather fuk my dad” Carly Thompson

Dad Fucker, Patriarchy

“This website brought me several minutes of unadulterated mild enjoyment” Breegan Tunnage

Brees, Screamo

“As creator of IPHYB, I can sincerely say that nothing has been a greater source of constant, soul-crushing disappointment as this website. Even when my daughter first reached for a toy with her left hand. Even when I thought I saw a ginger hair on my son’s head. All of this pales in comparison to the sheer tom-fuckery that is I Probably Hate Your Band. Abandon hope, all ye who travail these haunted cyber-halls and despair, for there is no hope and no respite from the Autism within.” Christabelle Giacca

Spaghetti, IPHYB

“Pretty nice guys, never heard a bad word from them, very honest in their words.” James Wilson

Drummer, Awakened

“Cheers” Bradley Cummins

Bradmin, /b/the/mu/

“Fuck a badge. Fuck a gun
What, what motherfucker what?
I stand up” Jordan Robinson

Full Time Mummy

“I’m like some kind of joke here? I can tell.
Obviously I don’t belong here in this group and no one respects me here so I might as well fuck off and do something more productive with my life.
People think my music is shit, people thing I’m a peice of shit, and I can’t prove to them otherwise so I might as well fuck off
I guess if one thing this has taught me is to push myself to make the best music possible regardless of what anyone thinks or doubts me etc
I don’t really have anything agaisnt any of you except for like 2 people hope we can actually get along better later if we see eachother at shows and stuff
Cya later guys” Bobby Flog

Unemployed, TAFE

“Erised grooms bands into giving him rimjobs for good reviews. It’s not entirely worth it.” Scotty Daniels

Drunken Jester, Fool Reviews