WEEZER To Tour Australia In January 2017

WEEZER To Tour Australia In January 2017
Kings of the beta-hipsters WEEZER have announced they’ll be hitting Australian shores in January 2017 to tour in a recent interview with tabloid magazine Herald Sun.

Frontman Rivers Cuomo simply said “yes…you will see us in January” when asked if the band will making an appearance in Australia any time soon.

Weezer have just released their tenth studio album Weezer: The White Album (or simply ‘The White Album’), their fourth ‘coloured’ self-titled album.

The lads haven’t toured Australia since 2013 and their appearance next year will coincide with the summer festival season, so there’s a good possibility we’ll be seeing Weezer at Falls Festival or a similar event.

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In some other Weezer news, the band is about to release their iconic second full-length album Pinkerton on vinyl.

The reissue will only be available to subscribers of vinyl delivery service Vinyl Me, Please, with punters having to register with the service prior to May 15 to qualify. The vinyl will be translucent dark-blue with black marbling, and includes exclusive liner notes, pop-out artwork, lyric sheets and a custom print by Japanese artist, Fuco Ueda.

Check out the new Weezer single California Kids below.

WEEZER To Tour Australia In January 2017
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