TIM MINCHIN Roasts Cardinal George Pell Through Song

TIM MINCHIN Roasts Cardinal George Pell Through Song
Comedian Tim Minchin has written a song about controversial Australian cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church George Pell, calling him a ‘pompous buffoon’ and a ‘coward’.

The sometimes-funny comedian premiered the song Come Home on popular news-panel program The Project, much to the dismay of host Steve Price, who called the song ‘disgusting’ and that he thought Minchin was a ‘coward’ for attacking Pell from a distance.

The song is in response to Cardinal Pell’s claim that he is too unwell to travel to Australia to provide evidence to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, with claims that Pell knowingly covered up years of abuse within the Catholic church.

Minchin has said that he hopes the song will motivate Pell to return to Australia from his home in the Vatican, where he now manages all the Vatican finances.

Regardless of whether you’re a staunch self-loathing Catholic or a hedonistic and godless booze-dispensary (this guy) there’s no denying the song is an actual banger. What a chorus.

You can check out Come Home below.

TIM MINCHIN Roasts Cardinal George Pell Through Song
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