SIMPLE PLAN Drop New Single and Video ‘Opinion Overload’

SIMPLE PLAN Drop New Single and Video ‘Opinion Overload’
Pop-punk legends SIMPLE PLAN have today dropped a new single + video for your listening/viewing pleasure (embedded below). ‘Opinion Overload’ is taken from the band’s upcoming, fifth studio album Taking One For The Team (out February 19th via Atlantic Records).

Hailing from Canada (A.K.A. “America’s New Zealand”), the band are considered heavyweights amongst the oxymoronic genre of pop-punk – so if you’re a fan of the genre like I am, be sure to keep your eyes (and ears hurr hurr) out for this new album.

Simple Plan initially shared ‘Opinion Overload’ via their official Facebook page, with this accompanying message:

We are so excited to share with all of you the video for “Opinion Overload”, the opening song of our new album “Taking One For The Team”.

‘Opinion Overload’ is a song about following your heart and not letting anyone tell you that you can’t. For us, writing it was about getting back to our roots and reminding ourselves and everyone else what this band is all about. We wanted to make a video that strips everything bare and lays it all on the table; go back to the basics and focus on what we love the most: playing shows for you.

The video is a walk down memory lane for the five of us, right back to when we started this band and played small, sweaty clubs every night.

Of course, a lot has changed since those days, but in some crazy way, it’s almost as if nothing’s changed at all. It’s still about the power of a song, the magic of stepping on stage and playing your heart out for anyone that cares to listen.

This video is our thank you to everyone who ever supported our band – you’re the reason we’re still here doing this. Enjoy the music and we’ll see you at the shows! Pierre, Chuck, Sebastien, Jeff and David.

You can check out ‘Opinion Overload’ below, and pre-order the new album Taking One For The Team before it’s Feb. 19 release via Simple Plan‘s official website.

SIMPLE PLAN Drop New Single and Video ‘Opinion Overload’
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