Omar Rodriguez-Lopez (The Mars Volta/At The The Drive In) To Release 12 Albums By End Of 2016

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez (The Mars Volta/At The The Drive In) To Release 12 Albums By End Of 2016
The Mars Volta and At The Drive In guitarist Omar Rodriguez Lopez has revealed he will release an impressive 12 solo albums by the end of 2016, amounting to one full length record every two weeks.

Recorded from 2008 – 2013, the epic series begins with Sworn Virgins on July 15th, described as having a prog-rock vibe similar to that of TMV, and then Corazones on July 29th, reportedly to be a folk-pop album originally planned as a film score.

The absolute madman will release the material on new label Ipecac Records, also heading back into the studio later this year with At The Drive In to record their first album since Relationship Of Command, released in 2000.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Lopez said he decided to release the albums after he made to decision to stop recording solo work in 2013 after the passing of his mother.

”To be quite candid, when my mother passed in 2012, just right before when At the Drive-In played, I wasn’t even there. I was not in my body. She passed one week before, and of course, as you can imagine, it made me look at everything in a different way, and it was a huge shock to my system. From that moment on, when I finally started the long road to accepting it and recuperating, I decided that I wanted to dedicate my time, while I’m still here, to collaborating with people and being a part of something and sharing things, rather than working on solo work, where I’m writing everything and doing everything and locked up in my studio. And from there, the idea was born: “I only want to be in bands now. I only want to make records with people.” I started Bosnian Rainbows, and shortly after that I started Antemasque with Cedric. Now, obviously, this with At the Drive-In. And eventually Mars Volta. It was really just a shock to my system, and this was just one of the ways it redirected my entire life.”

Sworn Virgins (July 15)
Corazones (July 29)
Blind Worms Pious Swine (August 12)
Arañas en La Sombra (August 26)
Umbrella Mistress (September 9)
El Bien Y Mal Nos Une (September 23)
Cell Phone Bikini (October 7)
Infinity Drips (October 21)
Weekly Mansions (November 4)
Zapopan (November 18)
Nom De Guerre Cabal (December 2)
Some Need It Lonely (December 16)

Check out the clip for To Kill a Chi Chi, taken from Sworn Virgins out July 15th.

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez (The Mars Volta/At The The Drive In) To Release 12 Albums By End Of 2016
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