Matt Healy From The 1975 Addresses Taylor Swift Controversy

Matt Healy From The 1975 Addresses Taylor Swift Controversy
Matt Healy is for some reason under fire for a series of comments he made regarding Taylor Swift that have been categorised as “misogynistic”, made in response to some irrelevant ongoing rumours that he was dating Swift which in turn were fuelled by the pop superstar attending one of his concerts (I personally can’t put two and two together).

In response to said rumours, Healy told Q Magazine, “It’s just interesting to me how interested the world is about Taylor Swift. The reason I mention that is because if I had [properly] gone out with Taylor Swift, I would’ve been, ‘Fucking hell, I am not being Taylor Swift’s boyfriend. You know, Fuck. That.’ That’s also a man thing, a de-masculinating, emasculating thing.”

Since then, Healy has been under fire for his allegedly offensive comments. However, in a statement made via Twitter, he has addressed the controversy with a vehement disgust for those accusing him of misogyny.

It’s okay Matty boy, really, because if we’ve learned anything from this gossip culture, it’s that people will probably forget about this by Tuesday. If people really need someone to fervently haul up for supposed misogynistic behaviour, there are no greater culprits than the tabloid newspapers that continually fuel bullshit rumours. And, if our society is to be truly liberated from outdated gender roles, we can help ourselves by not wasting our precious time on those who perpetuate them constantly. Think about it.

Matt Healy From The 1975 Addresses Taylor Swift Controversy
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  • steve

    i thought about it.’blue shirt’ ring any bells,lol