I PREVAIL Share New Video + Release New Album

I PREVAIL Share New Video + Release New Album
Detroit post-hardcore natives I Prevail have announced that their debut album, Lifelines, will be released later this year on October 21st (via Fearless Records and Caroline Australia).

The band’s frontman, Brian Burkheiser, had this to say on the upcoming record:

“’Stuck In Your Head’ is a final send off to a bad relationship […] I had reached my breaking point, and the similarity of a worn and damaged record was all I could compare this relationship to. I had to write about it, but it couldn’t be an emotional break up song. It had to be straightforward, aggressive and in your face. That’s exactly how I felt at the time. You lost me, and you’ll regret it.”

I Prevail also shared a new video clip for the song ‘Scars’ (which is also the first track on Lifelines) — you can check it out below, as well as the album artwork and whatnot. Cool bananas.

i prevail lifelines


01 Scars (03:50)
02 Stuck In Your Head (03:36)
03 Lifelines (03:21)
04 Come and Get It (03:01)
05 Chaos (03:32)
06 Alone (03:41)
07 Outcast (03:04)
08 RISE (03:14)
09 Already Dead (02:40)
10 Pull the Plug (03:17)
11 One More Time (03:13)
12 My Heart I Surrender (03:27)
13 Worst Part of Me (03:52)

I PREVAIL Share New Video + Release New Album
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