Foxtel Is Shutting Down Channel [V]

Foxtel Is Shutting Down Channel [V]
It’s been announced that Channel [V] is officially ceasing operations this week, with Danny Clayton and former presenters Osher Gunsberg and Jane Gazzo all confirming the closure via social media. Head of Channels & Operations for the Foxtel Networks, Stephen Baldwin, and Executive Director of Television, Brian Walsh, additionally emailed confirmation of the news overnight, blaming a ‘steady decline’ in the way broadcast audiences consume music.

An amalgamation of Channel [V] and the current [V] Hits will launch as of this Saturday, according to the email – so trimming down the formalities, they’re essentially downgrading the Aussie music TV stalwart to a music video-only 24 hour loop and cutting all physical production.

Dear Colleagues,

As foreshadowed in my presentation yesterday, we are making changes across our organisation in order to be match fit in an increasingly competitive landscape. One area I discussed with you was channel rationalisation.

Over the past several years music clips have become ubiquitous with availability on services like YouTube, whilst linear broadcast audiences for music channels have been in steady decline. In order to run the Foxtel music services more efficiently we have decided to merge Channel [V] and [V] Hits.

The new service will be called [V] Hits and we will create a +2 of this channel. [V] Hits will continue to be a clip based channel with no long form content. This change will begin to take place this Saturday, with the channel branding completed by late March.

I would like to thank the music team for their hard work and dedication in making Channel [V] an integral part of the Australian music landscape throughout the years.

I would also like to thank those team members leaving us today. You leave with our best wishes for your onward journey.

Brian Walsh & Stephen Baldwin

This comes less than a year after [V] announced it was launching five new dedicated music programs, premiering each weeknight at 9pm – which now seems, in hindsight, likely a last-ditch effort to boost ratings.

The station began life as Red on Galaxy – the now defunct precursor to Foxtel – way back in 1995, before its rebranding as V in 1997. Over two decades the station launched the careers of some of the more high profile presenters, including Andrew G, Jabba, Chloe Maxwell, Andrew Mercado and Leah McLeod. The station’s infamous presenter search additionally unearthed the likes of Yumi Stynes, James Mathison, Billy Russell and Marty Smiley.

I would like to take some time to remember some of the moments I personally witnessed in my formative years; from the excellent live coverage of Big Day Out which served a good substitute to my actual attendance because 15-year-olds don’t have money, to falling in love with Carissa Walford, to the introduction of [V] Loud which introduced a me to a multitude of heavier acts.

It’s the end of an era.

Foxtel Is Shutting Down Channel [V]
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