FALLUJAH Drop New Video For ‘Abandon’

FALLUJAH Drop New Video For ‘Abandon’
Progressive death metal lads FALLUJAH have dropped a new video for their song Abandon, taken from their forthcoming album Dreamless.

The new record to set to be released on April 29 through Nuclear Blast and will be band’s third full-length album following The Harvest Wombs (2011) amd The Flesh Prevails (2014).

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The shred lords have already released two song so far, The Void Alone featuring Tori Letzler, and a guitar playthrough for Scar Queen, which makes me remarkably sad about how shit I am as a musician.

You can get preorders for the new album through the Nuclear Blast website and check out the new track below.

FALLUJAH Drop New Video For ‘Abandon’
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