Ex-MEGADETH Drummer Dies At 51

Ex-MEGADETH Drummer Dies At 51
Former Megadeth drummer Nick Menza passed away two days ago (May 21) from an alleged heart failure whilst performing at Los Angeles’ club The Baked Potato.

Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine (as well as his son, Justis Mustaine) recently tweeted about Menza’s passing, ultimately – and unfortunately – confirming the information.

Menza was performing with his band OHM at the time of his death, which was founded by also ex-Megadeth guitarist Chris Poland. Menza played the drums on four of Megadeth’s ablums: Rust In Peace (1990), Countdown To Extinction (1992), Youthanasia (1994), and Cryptic Writings (1997).

He was 51 years-old.

There will probably also be more details about this released shortly. We’ll keep you updated.

Ex-MEGADETH Drummer Dies At 51
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