Brand New Release New Song

Brand New Release New Song
Emo legends BRAND NEW have released their latest single entitled ‘Out Of Range’ via Procarastinate! music, releasing the track both on vinyl and through digital release.

This is the fourth stand-alone single the renowned group has released in a slow roll out of their latest work over the last year, with the new singles to be possibly slated for release on their forthcoming follow up to 2009’s Daisy. Currently the group have released this collection of tracks individually on vinyl and digitally.

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The renowned Long Island sadboys have been cryptic in sharing the future of their group with their fans, with rumours persisting that their next record will be their final entry after frontman Jesse Lacey told fans at a show in Nashville last year that Brand New “isn’t going to last much longer”. The legitimacy of these rumours were further reinforced upon the release of a t-shirt in early June that suggested the band will cease to be in 2018.

Watch: Brand New – Out Of Range. Available now at procrastinate!

Brand New Release New Song
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