Billy Corgan & Alex Jones Discuss Freedom Of Speech, The World Facepalms

Billy Corgan & Alex Jones Discuss Freedom Of Speech, The World Facepalms
Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan has met with the world’s greatest conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones, for a conspiracy-laden discussion on social justice warriors and freedom of speech.

For those who are unfamiliar with Alex Jones, he’s the remarkably insane political commentator and broadcaster who hosts the Alex Jones Show, a syndicated radio talk show and podcast which features on his news site, entitled InfoWars.

InfoWars has been integral in popularising some of the hardcore conspiracies of today, including the secretive meetings of world government to enact the New World Order, the U.S government having a role in the September 11 attacks, and the 1969 moon landing being staged, to name a few. If there’s something going down in the U.S, you can bet that Alex Jones is definitely shouting about it incoherently on his radio show, spouting misinformation and alarmingly paranoid ideas about everything from vaccines to soup, probably.

Frustratingly, Jones also doubles as a self-described libertarian and as such is vocal on issues of freedom of speech and ‘illiberal progressives’, topics which IPHYB has been vocal on in the past, mainly because it’s heaps of fun and also because there really is a bit of an issue with select groups of social justice warriors, however not quite to the extent that Corgan and Jones make it out to be. At one point in the conversation, Corgan likens SJW’s to the KKK, which, y’know, doesn’t really help anyone.

Listening to Billy Corgan and Alex Jones talk about these issues is similar to listening to Jona Weinhofen talk about the best way to cook a steak, or fake-black woman Rachel Dolezal speaking of the struggles growing up as an african-american woman when you’re whiter (and far less talented) than Vanilla Ice. They are both rather incredible and they’re exactly who you should not be listening to – well, about anything, really – but definitely not on topics such as these.

If you really want you can check out the interview between Corgan and Jones on the Alex Jones Show here, but in the interest of not letting these two tin-foil nancies desecrate an interesting dialogue I’ve included a playlist of meaningful conversation between broadcaster Dave Rubin and various guests on his show, The Rubin Report. Rubin is basically a completely sane, level-headed, non-conspiracy theorist version of Jones, who has done a great deal of work to further the discussion on free speech and freedom of expression in an increasingly censorious age (fight me).

Included in the playlist is an interview with Paul Joseph Watson, one of the many prominent figures leading the debate and is funnily enough the Editor At Large for InfoWars, so it just goes to show that there is at least one small pocket of credibility within the InfoWars organisation, sadly overshadowed by Jones’ insanity.

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Billy Corgan & Alex Jones Discuss Freedom Of Speech, The World Facepalms
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