ATTILA Frontman FRONZILLA Targets Fatties & Neckbeards in Twitter Rant

ATTILA Frontman FRONZILLA Targets Fatties & Neckbeards in Twitter Rant
ATTILA frontman Chris ‘Fronzilla’ Fronzak has gone on one of his trademark Twitter rants, condemning fatties and 30 year-old man boy’s in an, at times, insightful riff on contemporary culture.

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The presumably fun guy to hang out with (despite his gutter-level music) stream of consciousness began when he live tweeted sitting in a doctor’s office, surrounded by “morbidly obese” employees,beginning with:

Things get pretty deep when Fronzilla then touches on an issue close to my own heart; the prevalence of man-boy’s in today’s society. Videogame playing, mummy-loving sacks of sadness.

Funnily enough, I find myself agreeing with the two-time winner of ‘Biggest Flog In Metal & Associated Genres Award’, a prestigious award that I just made up a second ago, and I can’t help but harbour the same animosity towards the whingy, pansy-wansy, petal-perfume weeaboo fuccboi neckbeards. A word for the masses – if you’re 30 years-old and you still live at home, then move the fuck out, for God’s sake. Your poor parents have been patiently waiting for the day for you to fly the coop once your melodic post-metalcore band ‘I, The Queefer hit it big with your tenth “studio” album (your drummer’s mum’s basement), ready to hit the road in their Winnebago to live the life of the free. The life of the childless; a life of bliss.

As for the fat stuff, eh..I mean, I don’t know. Whatever. If you’re fat then that’s your choice, but personally I like to be fit and fabulous. I run several dozen kilometres each day, and extensively work on my kegel muscles every other day. Extensively. I also wrestle lambs on the weekend. I’m beginning with lambs and then eventually working my way up to a crocodile, but a task of this size takes some serious preparation. I believe next will be a toddler, followed by a calf. Baby steps.

ATTILA Frontman FRONZILLA Targets Fatties & Neckbeards in Twitter Rant
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