AS I LAY DYING Want To Wish You a Happy Father’s Day

AS I LAY DYING Want To Wish You a Happy Father’s Day
Disgraced metalcore band As I Lay Dying have been playing silly buggers with social media again , this time updating their profile picture on Facebook and then posting the jolly message “Happy Father’s Day!”

The last updates from the band came on Father’s Day 2015, with the same “Happy Father’s Day!” message accompanied by the creepiest hashtag ever, #missingthem.

For those living under a rock, frontman Tim Lambesis is currently serving a six-year prison sentence for hatching a plot to assassinate his wife. Lambesis was arrested when he approached an undercover police officer to carry out the deed, leading to his arrest and subsequent incarceration (#missingthem).

Who knows if ol’ mate Lambesis is admin of the page, having a gay old time on the bandpage every year in the name of celebrating fatherhood, or if the other non-murderous members of the band are trying to provide a little positivity among the sad story of Lambesis. Whatever the case, it’s a little weird, and realistically you would have thought As I Lay Dying would have long since dissolved and made attempts to bury the band altogether.

But, yeah. Whatever. I suppose it doesn’t detract from the message, so uh – happy father’s day, I guess (don’t try and knock off the misso).

AS I LAY DYING Want To Wish You a Happy Father’s Day
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