Interview: Jake Burns (Stiff Little Fingers)

With a career spanning nearly four decades it would be hard to imagine anyone is not aware of the huge influence Stiff Little Fingers has had on the music world. The legendary Irish band were at the forefront of the punk movement in the ’70s and have incredibly managed not to suck in the years following. Be it their raw energy, or their strong social conscience, these guys have something which appeals to pretty much all fans of the genre, and you can hear the strong influence they’ve passed onto bands like Rancid and The Descendants. Ahead of their Australian tour in March, Dave Mullins had a chat with vocalist/guitarist Jake Burns to talk about touring, their latest album, and their show in Paris after the terrorist attacks. IPHYB: So you’re heading to Australia in March, what do you have in store for fans when you arrive here? Jake: We’re just coming off the back of a British tour, so first of all we should know what the hell we’re doing, because we’ve just been on the road for four weeks before we even got to you. We did the Soundwave tour in 2014, which got us out to a few more major cities, but we only had thirty minutes playing time, so this time we get to play the full show. That runs for about ninety minutes and what we basically try to do is cover as much of our career as we can – we’re not the kind of band who has a ‘Greatest Hits’ album that we can play – so we kinda go and pick... read more

Thrash Holly’s Beef Zone #5 – The Weight of Mediocrity (ft. The Weight of Silence)

Hello, readers. Welcome to the BEEF ZONE, hosted by I Probably Hate Your Band’s resident thrasher, and Hardcore Champion of the world… Thrash Holly! It’s been a while since I’ve wrote anything for this site. The last Beef Zone was back in October when I suggested 12 wrestling moves that you could try in a moshpit. Everyone who read that, I hope you practiced and successfully executed your moves. I apologise for my absence, not that anyone really gives a fuck anyway… but I’ve spent the last 30 days and 30 nights in the Danger Zone! East of the Pacific Ocean, West of London, England. South of Mars, and North of Hell! And now I have returned to the Beef Zone to roast bands that absolutely suck. But enough about that, let’s get down to the nitty gritty. UNIFY – The two-day hardcore and metal camping festival in bum-fuck nowhere is in its second year now, kicking off tomorrow! So as this article is published, a lot of you will be packing your booze and your rabbit food (where’s the beef?) to go and camp. This years event has officially sold out all 5,000 tickets as of last week, so that’s not a bad effort. And what a line-up they have! Check it out. There’s Parkway Drive, the retiring Michael Crahahahahafter and the Confessions, garbage, more garbage, just mostly garbage really. It is run by UNFD after all. But then I had a look at the very bottom of the gig poster and asked myself the same thing that most people were wondering… Who the fuck are The Weight of Silence? It’s... read more

INTERVIEW: Travis Clark (We The Kings)

Florida – the swinging dick of the United States. Home to some of the greatest arrest reports in the Western world, orange juice, the elderly, crystal meth, and, of course, the stomping ground of the established pop punk outfit We The Kings. Since the group’s inception in 2005, they’ve continually defined some of the finer points of pop rock — catchy, carefree sing-alongs that are best served on a warm summer’s day. We The Kings’ profile have continued to rise over their ten year career, with a string of radio hits (who doesn’t remember ‘Check Yes Juliet’, come on) and their multiple world tours. I spoke with frontman Travis Clark ahead of their forthcoming Australian tour to talk about changes in the industry that they’ve seen, swimming with sharks, and the juggling act of balancing career and family. Hey Travis, it’s Ben from I Probably Hate Your Band here, how are we today? Without a doubt, probably the best company I’ve ever heard the title for in my life. I’m so glad you love our website name man. First things first, the important question. 15 year old me has terrible hair and girls hate him. Can you please give 15 year old me hair advice? Oh man. I don’t know why people like my hair, it’s probably the worst hair in the world. You know how they had those hair bands back in the 70’s and 80’s? We were considered a hair band for those reasons, because all of us had long hair. I wish I had hair advice for you, I really do, but I haven’t even found... read more


[DISCLAIMER: This interview is Star Wars: The Force Awakens spoiler-free. You’re welcome.] I can’t express how much I love Star Wars (as a journalist, that’s not a good thing). It’s safe to say that this media empire from a galaxy far, far away has created more spin-offs, merchandise, and most of all, money than any other film franchise in history. Now that Episode VII has finally made its way into cinemas and smashed all sorts of box office records, this kind of Star Wars hype hasn’t been seen since 1999. Much like the Internet’s infamous Rule 34, there should be a Rule 666: if it exists, there is a metal version of it. Enter interstellar supergroup Galactic Empire. Composed of the most intimidating forces in the galaxy, they decided that John Williams’s legendary compositions just aren’t brutal enough. They took matters into their own hands, and those hands had musical instruments in them. Within 48 hours of posting their debut music video, a metallized version of the ‘Star Wars Main Theme’, it racked up over two million views. Now a week later (at the time of writing), they’ve accumulated nearly seven million views, 226,000 Facebook shares, and a deal with Warped Tour favorite Rise Records. They have achieved viral fame of the most galactic proportions. Galactic Empire features renowned bounty hunter Boba Fett slapping the skins (which sounds much creepier now that I’ve written it out), His Excellency Darth Vader on lead guitar, a Shadow Stormtrooper and an Imperial Guard on backing guitars, and a Stormtrooper holding down the low end. I had the pleasure of talking to the... read more

Interview: Julian Frank (Heiress)

Hailing from NSW’s Central Coast and Newcastle, hardcore punks Heiress are a band that you might have heard of. Their debut album, CVLT Kids made a big impact on the Australian hardcore scene and a tour with W.A. band, Statues, brought them to a bunch of cities around the country. The boys are working hard on new music, but frontman Julian Frank took some time to chat with IPHYB’s Dave Mullins about their upcoming album. IPHYB: First thing’s first, for the sake of our readers, tells us a little bit about yourself and your band, Heiress. Jules: Sure man, my name’s Julian and I sing and write for Heiress. It’s sort of cliché to say, but I wouldn’t really know what to call us in terms of genre. We’re currently in the process of writing our second album and we’ve taken a bit of a departure from our old sound. Cvlt Kids had a strong tech vibe, whereas I feel our new stuff is more of a mature progression from that into uncharted territory. To put our mentality in a nutshell though, Heiress is all about standing up for yourself. Cool. In the past you’ve taken on the guitar, bass, and vocal all by yourself. Has that changed, and is that why you’re progressing more organically? I don’t necessarily see myself as a guitarist, bassist, or vocalist specifically in that sense – I’m more of a songwriter. I see a vision for where we can take Heiress musically and as a band, we come together and move forward like a vehicle. I can’t take full credit as the boys... read more

Interview: ALESTORM at Max Watt’s 26/11/15 [VIDEO]

Returning to Australia for the fourth time since their formation, Alestorm have once again outdone themselves on the Piratefest tour. Since releasing their debut album ‘Captain Morgan’s Revenge’ in 2008, Alestorm have stayed firm and true to their Scottish Pirate Metal roots – most apparent with their latest release Sunset On The Golden Age. We sat down with vocalist/keytarist Christopher Bowes to discuss the tour, the latest album, and sexual... read more

Interview: NORTHLANE at The Triffid 15/11/15 [VIDEO]

Losing a vocalist hasn’t seemed to deter Northlane one bit. Going from strength to strength with their latest release Node, Northlane have proven that they’re still one of the major forces behind the Australian heavy music scene in 2015. We sat down with Marcus, Josh, and John to discuss the new album, Marcus’s new position in the band, and German wives. Filmed by Jared Bray Note: This was the same day as the August Burns Red interview, so once again, working off camera audio. Added subtitles were necessary. Tell Josh he’s a flog in the... read more

Interview: Tomas Lindberg (At The Gates)

At The Gates are one of the most influential death metal bands in existence. Their 1995 album, Slaughter of the Soul is largely considered to be the definitive melodeath album. Their influence shows up every from your local metalcore bands to Dethklok – the quasi-fictional cartoon metal band from Metalocalypse. Before hitting the stage at their Perth show, vocalist Tomas Lindberg was kind enough to sit down with Dave Mullins to talk about their music, their legacy and their future. Dave Mullins: So this is the first show of your Australian tour, are you excited? Tomas Lindberg: Excited? Yeah, yeah it’s nice to be back. This is actually the last place we played, when we were here last time. This exact venue. So we feel we really are back. Dave Mullins: And how has your prep been going for the tour? Tomas Lindberg: So we’ve been supporting this new record for about a year now, playing more than one hundred shows, within the year (for the record) so you can say we are pretty much … we’re down with it. We know what we’re doing, we feel very confident. It’s a total new level for us compared to when we were here last time. We were just sort of like a reunion band, we were still excited but it was sort of like our past glory, now it’s for real. Dave Mullins: Yeah, one hundred shows in a year. That’s a lot of music, a lot of travel. Has the new record rejuvenated your love for it? Having all of these new songs to play? Tomas Lindberg: Definitely, there... read more

Interview: Wattie Buchan (The Exploited)

The internet loves to argue about what is and isn’t punk, and while that argument may never be resolved, one thing is clear – The Exploited are punk as fuck. In fact, they were punk before most you were born (and vocalist Wattie Buchan will have no problem in telling you that). While currently on tour in New Zealand and Australia, IPHYB’s Dave Mullins got on the phone with Wattie to talk about the band, the state of the world, and what new music they might have on the way. IPHYB: So just for the sake of our readers, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and The Exploited? Wattie: Well the band’s fuckin’ been going for 35 years. Started in 1980, when everyone said punk was dead but that was a lot of bollocks. The first parts of punk came, the Pistols, and then it went. Everyone thought it was a fashion, but the actual music means more than the fashion. Actual punk music was for the working class. Back in the ‘80s there was lots of anger, lots of poverty, and I grew up in that poverty. It was a way of expressing our anger. So I started a band … I was in the army at the time, I came out of the army, tried to get a job and was told to fuck off, basically because I had a Mohican, I was one of the first guys to have a Mohican – I started the Mohican craze off. Back then it meant something, you know? It was an ager. Every night was a... read more