11 Shit Questions For Shit Bands: Zeolite

11 Shit Questions For Shit Bands: Zeolite

Zeolite are three blokes from Tasmania. Yes, Tassie. That tiny little island full of breathtaking landscapes, fine wine, and meth. They’re hitting the road next month with Melbourne lads Bury The Kings on The Only Curse Tour, so we thought we’d catch up with frontman Fraser to have a chat about chicken nuggets and half-naked children. Cheers.

Do you have riffs? If not, why do you feel it is acceptable to constantly dog the boys?

Do you guys know what the definition of a riff actually is? A riff is defined as a cluster of notes in sequence in a song, the only way to not have a riff is to not have guitars, even if they are opens (TAKE THAT). We’ve been known to have guitars, thus the odd riff. We even have multiple notes. But sometimes the boys need a good doggin’, it’s good for them. Take that however you please.

Why do the large majority of bands in your genre sound exactly the same as the bands in that genre ten years ago? Ever heard of progression? Or are you just happy to keep beating a dead horse before an ever dwindling audience?

Progression is dead. Art is cyclical. Unless you are actually talking about beating off dead horses? Our kinda thing. Have you ever watched a movie? It’s exactly the same fucking thing. No one has original ideas, you just re hash an idea from 10, maybe 20 years ago, and everyone is all over it as creative genius/plagiarism. Which? Seems to be a flip of a coin.

Can you give us a rundown of your gear? How much did that cost your mums?

Digitech bad monkey overdrive, into drive 20W combo, all into guitar rig on a laptop for cab sounds, running windows 98 for stability. Bass is directly into the stage DI, straight to the desk. For vocals, Line6 rack unit as a preamp, to a Kemper, to an AxeFx. Drums are straight out of guitar pro to the desk, all hits 100% velocity. Mum got it all from the local cash converters after pawning her rings from her 16 failed marriages. Failure has its perks.

Do you actually think that breakdowns are a good songwriting technique or are you just pandering to the five kids in mosh shorts that stand in the middle of the room at your shows flailing their limbs about?

We’d prefer kids with no shorts.

How would you describe your sound without using the letter e?


How much have you gotten into Korn over the last six months?

About as much as we got into Sworn In two years ago. And about as much as we got into Meshuggah two years before that. And about as much as we got into Killswitch Engage two years before that… Did we mention we once sounded like Nirvana?

Are you beyond stoked to be making your next announcement?

Our next announcement is an announcement about an upcoming announcement. We’re super beyond stoked on it.
Big things coming.

We broke up.
Reunion tour.
Farewell tour.

What’s the biggest crowd you have you ever played to and how did you handle the pressure of performing in front of ten people?

With Chelsea Grin. That show was over capacity. Pressure is handled. Poorly. The sweet relief provided by furious pre-set self love and a combination of various barbiturates leads to a state in which our performance is more likened to 90s doom metal than any of our recorded material.

Which genre trend have you jumped on, and why is it 90’s fashion?

This us.


Our next release? See above.

Why do you guys still practice at your mum’s house?

She brings us biscuits? Savoury scones too. Friands? How could you not want any of these things? Why don’t you practice at your mother’s? It is only hubris that stops you.

Does the bassist pitch or catch?

The chicken nugget was invented in the 1950s by Robert C. Baker, a food science professor at Cornell University, and published as unpatented academic work. Dr. Baker’s innovations made it possible to form chicken nuggets in any shape.

The Only Curse Tour w/ ZEOLITE and BURY THE KINGS


Sunday, November 20: Wrangler Studios, Melbourne (AA)
Athenas Wake 4:40-5:10
Zeolite – 4:00-4:25
Bury the Kings – 3:20-3:45
Scourge – 2:45-3:05
Perseverer -2:10-2:30

Friday, November 25: New Globe Theatre, Brisbane (18+)
To the Grave – 10:35-11:00
Semper Fi – 9:55-10:20
Before the Harvest – 9:20-9:40
Bury the Kings – 8:45-9:05
Carbine – 8:10-8:30

Saturday, November 26: Phoenix Arts Theatre, Brisbane (AA)
Semper Fi 4:50-Finish
To the Grave – 4:05-4:35
Bury the Kings – 3:25-3:50
Promethean – 2:45-3:10
Crave Death – 2:10-2:30

Sunday, November 27: Red Rattler, Sydney (AA)
Semper Fi – 8:20-Finish
To the Grave – 7:40-8:05
The Sign of Four – 7:00-7:25
Zeolite – 6:20–6:45
Bury the Kings – 5:45-6:05
Ghosts of Pandora – 5:10-5:30

Sunday, December 4: Colonial Light Hotel, Adelaide (Licensed AA)
Zeolite – 4:30-5:00
BLKLST – 3:45-4:10
Bury the Kings – 3:20-3:40
The Gloom in the Corner – 2:45-3:05
Amaterasu – 2:10-2:30

11 Shit Questions For Shit Bands: Zeolite
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