11 Shit Questions For Shit Bands: Deadspace

11 Shit Questions For Shit Bands: Deadspace
Deadspace are from Perth, so right away we are off to a bad start. I’m not saying you should automatically assume they are shit because of that one fact, but … actually, yeah I am. That’s exactly what I’m saying. Anyway, they were dumb enough to answer our 11 Shit Questions For Shit Bands, so here’s their answers. If they don’t make any sense, don’t say we didn’t warn you that they are from Perth. Cheers.

Do you have riffs? If not, why do you feel it is acceptable to constantly dog the boys?

We did have riffs but Shining stole them all.

Why do the large majority of bands in your genre sound exactly the same as the bands in that genre ten years ago? Ever heard of progression? Or are you just happy to keep beating a dead horse before an ever dwindling audience?

When we were kids we always wanted to be astronauts. Being in our 20s and still waiting to hit puberty, we thought we’d hang out and throw tantrums together. Maybe one day we’ll be able to get into bars without getting ID’d and take ourselves more seriously.

Can you give us a rundown of your gear? How much did that cost your mums?

My mum opted out of the abortion so she could buy me a microphone … much to her dismay, it didn’t work out too well for her.

Do you actually think that breakdowns are a good songwriting technique or are you just pandering to the five kids in mosh shorts that stand in the middle of the room at your shows flailing their limbs about?

We haven’t levelled up to that level of songwriting yet. We’re still using primary chords and basic 4/4 fuckery.

How would you describe your sound without using the letter e?

Fucking shit.

How much have you gotten into Korn over the last six months?

I don’t know your fucking name. So what, let’s fuck …

Are you beyond stoked to be making your next announcement?

Not really. We’re just pregnant … sorry.

What’s the biggest crowd you have you ever played to and how did you handle the pressure of performing in front of ten people?

Yeah pretty much. It’s probably because we don’t have many friends. For some reason, nobody wanted to hang out with Tim Burton in high school.

Which genre trend have you jumped on, and why is it 90’s fashion?

Cross-dressing. Because Marilyn Manson is our spirit animal.

Why do you guys still practice at your mum’s house?

Have you seen how hot our mums are? Pretty much the only women that will talk to us without tasering us.

Does the bassist pitch or catch?

She’s a bit of a midfielder to be honest. Always has her head in the game, drops the ball rarely and hits harder than a first period.

You can buy their music HERE.

Friday, September 16: Brisbane Hotel, Hobart
Saturday, September 17: Bendigo Hotel, Melbourne
Friday, September 23: Amplifier Bar, Perth
Friday, September 30: The Vault, Newcastle
Saturday, October 1: Valve Bar, Sydney
Sunday, October 2: Frankies Pizza Bar, Sydney
Saturday, October 15: Enigma Bar, Adelaide
Sunday, October 30: Incursion, Perth

11 Shit Questions For Shit Bands: Deadspace
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