Gear Review: Shawn Guitars – “Ghost 6 FT Tigers Eye”

Gear Review: Shawn Guitars – “Ghost 6 FT Tigers Eye”

Manufacturer: Shawn Guitars
Model: Ghost 6 FT Tigers Eye
Reviewer: KratorFWIW
Instrument: Guitar
Who It’s For: Shredders

You may have heard of Kraken Guitars – or at the very least, the Kraken guitar factory over in Korea, having churned out some big brand custom-shop instruments in their time. Unfortunately, late last year the owner sold up closed the business, but luckily the head design team didn’t go too far.

 Shawn Guitars are the new Kraken. For the first run, the marketing was on point; they completely sold out within hours. By the third, however, they barely seemed to move at all. It looks as if Shawn Guitars could be as short-lived as Kraken itself; as Kraken had their promotional auctions on eBay, so too did Shawn.

I managed to get my hands on a Shawn Ghost 6 FT Tigers Eye from the first run. After getting in contact with the owner of the company, I found out it was number five of only twelve made, and the only set neck model to come out in that release. Aesthetically, I swear I’m staring at a Caparison/BC Rich love child, with a very small mahogany body with quilted maple veneer, 25 1/2 scale, Ibanez lo pro/Floyd rose style bridge (home brand) and custom wound pickups from the factory.

It feels very BC Rich Villain – small and extremely ‘shreddy’ – but with the tone, quality, and headstock look of a Caparison. For such a small body, it does have a bit of weight to it. All appearances of the guitar make it look sleek and ready to take anything you throw at it.

The bridge (like a typical Floyd Rose style) rarely stays in perfect tune, and for a locking system it’s absolutely fucking shocking. One dive bomb and it’s out at least three full tones. With another setup of the bridge, you still have the same issue – and after about half a dozen attempts it finally stayed in tune. Dive-bombs can be had. That being said, the fret work could have definitely been improved and crowning certainly needs to be completed.

Overall, it’s a sound guitar – even with its shoddy bridge and fast neck. It can’t play straight out of the box, though. These guitars take some time to be set up correctly and heavily tested before attempting to even practice or gig with, but once they’re all set up it’s a whole different ball-game. At the time of purchase, they were reasonably priced at around $900, but have since risen to $1300-$1500.

Quality: 7/10
Fit and Finish: 6/10
Fretwork: 7/10
Tuning Stability: 4/10
Bang for Buck: 6/10
Clean Tone: 7/10
Distorted/Overdriven Tone: 8/10
Modification Potential: 9/10
Versatility: 6/10
Playability: 7.5/10
Overall Enjoyment: 7/10

Gear Review: Shawn Guitars – “Ghost 6 FT Tigers Eye”
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