Gear Review: MGH Custom Guitars – “Blizzard Beast”

Gear Review: MGH Custom Guitars – “Blizzard Beast”

Manufacturer: MGH Custom Guitars
Model: Blizzard Beast
Reviewer: KratorFWIW
Instrument: Guitar
Who It’s For: That one kid who wants to show off his fancy ass guitar to all his friends, and probably the Swedish metal scene as well.

MGH Custom Guitars – where do I begin? Who’s heard of them? Who plays them? The answer is…very few people. 
Germany has been known to produce some quality electronics back in the day, and even with their european craftsmanship, hardly anyone seems to know about this brand. It’s hard to know whether there’s a reason for this or if it’s simply a Daemoness type problem – so busy that they have to slow down production just to keep demand happy. There’s very little promotion online via any form of social media, and it’s lucky I even found them. I noticed that they advertise very few models on eBay along with a few as promotional auctions, and others as outright buys, which can all be quite expensive.

After waiting a month for it to land, finally pulling it from the box today made it feel like Christmas. It was securely wrapped up inside a hard foam gig case, complete with a certificate of authenticity signed by the company, complete with my name, date of build completion, and purchase date. They also threw in a free shirt and some business cards for good measure.

It looked sleek, but a little bit something like BC Rich maybe should have churned out. It has a blue oil and wax stain finish on an ash body, twin wenge stripes, and a maple neck with a rosewood board. All gold hardware and Gotoh locking tuners make it look really nice, although I’m definitely not a fan of the bridge being a wrap-around hardtail design. Luckily, the bridge includes individual saddles so you can actually intonate it properly, opposed to other wrap around bridges that lack the feature.

The neck is a super thin C shape, and I mean really thin; to the point where it feels like you may snap it in two. But it’s fast, extremely fast. Fret work is rather nice – not perfect, but not terrible. The pickups are home branded, with humbucker in the bridge and a single coil in the neck. Tonally, it screams metal – if you want to play some jazz, I would recommend installing some lighter pickups. The neck, being a single coil, could well be used for a jazzy/blues tone. But in all honestly – with something this shape and style it’s unlikely you would have any jazz guitarists picking up this model anyway.

In conclusion, this is a metal guitar. Nothing more, nothing less.
 It’s really well made and sounds good for its intended genre. It won’t be cheap though, at just around the $1,000 mark.

Quality: 9/10
Fit and Finish: 8/10
Fretwork: 8/10
Tuning Stability: 7.5/10
Bang For Buck: 8/10
Clean Tone: 5/10
Distorted/Overdriven Tone: 9/10
Modification Potential: 4/10
Versatility: 5/10
Playability: 8/10
Overall Enjoyment: 7/10

Gear Review: MGH Custom Guitars – “Blizzard Beast”
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