Gear Review: ESP / LTD SC-608B

Gear Review: ESP / LTD SC-608B

Manufacturer: ESP/LTD
Model: LTD SC-608B
Instrument: Guitar (8 String)
RRP: Around $1,500 (US)
Reviewer: Hughesy

To start with, this guitar sounds great – keeping in mind that it’s a baritone 8 string and there’s a specific market of drop-tuned metal players an instrument like this is aimed at. I myself currently have it tuned to FADGCFAD.

It features an Alder body, 27 baritone scale, two EMG 808 pickups, ESP locking tuners, rosewood fretboard, USA Hipshot bridge, a neck-through construction, and a ridiculously shiny high-gloss black finish. I’m not usually a fan of EMG pickups, however, these compliment the guitar really well when taking into consideration the wood used for the body. For me, these pickups seem to have a little more low-end and are not as compressed as your standard 81/85/60/81-7 EMG pickups, although personally I think I’ll replace them with some Seymour Duncan pickups further down the line.

The biggest thing that does it for me on this guitar is the neck. Unlike most 8s I’ve tried/owned, it’s actually quite flat and thin. It’s just slightly bigger than an Ibanez Wizard II neck, and it’s very easy to play – it’s reminiscent of a 7 string neck. The fretwork is nice, and I haven’t noticed any sharp frets on either side, or dead spots/dead frets.

I’d recommend this guitar for any working/touring/recording musician who doesn’t want to break the bank on an ESP guitar, or getting a custom instrument made. Obviously being a mass produced model it’s not going to have all the quality and features of some USA or handmade custom instruments, but this guitar definitely is gig- and road-worthy. If you’re looking to do some Deftones covers, or drop down to tunings like F and E, then this guitar definitely suits those needs. With an average price of roughly $1,600 AUD (depending on where you look), you just can’t go wrong.

Clean Tone: 5.5/10
Distorted/Overdriven Tone: 8.5/10
Fretwork: 7/10
Fit and Finish: 7/10
Tuning Stability: 8/10
Modification Potential: 5/10
Bang For Buck: 9/10
Overall Playability: 9/10
Overall Enjoyment: 10/10

Gear Review: ESP / LTD SC-608B
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    How ironic to post such a positive review on such a rebel against mommy guitar.