1. Who Can Submit Music for Review?
We only accept submissions directly from the artist or band that created the music being submitted, or their management/label.
This page is about giving bands advice and criticism so they can improve. If you’re not in the band being submitted, you’re probably not after advice from us.
We review any and all genres of music.
We DO NOT review bands who have broken up, or are not longer active.
2. What Quality of Music Does IPHYB Accept?
Don’t submit demo or pre-production tracks. We only review finished products; that way it’s fairer on our reviewers and in turn, you get a fairer review.
Also, when you send us your song; please make sure it is a link to a streaming site (YouTube, Bandcamp, Soundcloud etc.), we don’t want to download your song files; not only does it make it impossible to include the song with the review, downloading sketchy files from randoms is stupid.
3. My Band Has Broken Up. Can I Still Get a Review?
Don’t submit your band if you’ve broken up or are no longer active. There’s no point giving you tips on how to improve if your band is defunct.
4. How Do I Submit My Music?
Submit your music via the ‘Submit Your Band‘ page.
5. Do You Reviews Albums & EP's?
Single song reviews are free, but we don’t take submissions for album and EP reviews.
6. Is IPHYB a Troll Site?
This page is NOT about trolling bands and musicians. We do not exist solely to put shit on everyone’s music, this page is about giving HONEST feedback to bands and musicians.
That being said; if you submit your band to us, and your band is shit, be prepared for a barrage of insults and jokes at your expense. Gotta entertain our readers, yo.
7. What If I Get a Bad Review?
If you submit a song for us to review, you should know by now what is going to happen if we don’t like your music.
You should know what the deal is by now, so please don’t take offence if you get a bad review. It’s all in good fun, so don’t take it personally.
Your terrible music does not mean you’re a terrible person, just like our terrible reviews do not make us terrible people either.
We’re terrible people for many other reasons on top of our shitty writing.
8. How Can I Help IPHYB?
Bands, if we review your music and you like what you read, please share our page around, like the cheap whores we are.
We get nothing out of doing these reviews, we do it for you guys, and to entertain the people who take the time out of their day to read the crap we write.
More people reading our reviews means more exposure for your band, and hopefully a lot of better quality music being released.

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9. Is IPHYB Fair and Unbiased?
Our reviewers do not review friend’s bands.
If one of our writers is affiliated, or connected, with a band/artist that gets submitted, the song will be passed along to a different writer to review.

10. How Long Will It Take Until My Song Is Reviewed?
We write these reviews in our spare time, and each of our writers has a life and career outside of IPHYB. Due to this, we cannot review every song that gets submitted to us. We deal with more song submissions than we could ever possibly complete in our lifetimes.
Once you submit, expect a wait time anywhere over a day; there’s no real way to accurately estimate our wait times.

Please don’t email us, or message our social media accounts asking how much longer your review is gonna take.
You won’t get an answer.

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