Rise Records Setting a New Trend for Metalcore

Rise Records Setting a New Trend for Metalcore

Written by: The Astr0naut

Infamous Rise Records is at it again with the signing of multiple bands which have similar entities. A couple years ago, between the years of 2008 and 2012, Rise had something known as Risecore, which in turn made an entire generation of music sound the same. With not that many on the radar anymore, there needed to be a new wave of bands to take over again. Consequently, Rise may be able to do this once again with their selection of artists.

So what genre is it this time? Well, if we look at the roster, there is a rise of Pop Punk signings with Teenage Bottlerocket and Only Crime, as well as their big contender right now, Man Overboard, however this isn’t the aspect we’re looking at. Rise has stuck in with their metalcore roots and started producing bands with electronic tendencies and a rapping element, even being able to say these bands are going for a new wave nu-metal feel.

On the more positive side of this change, there is Dangerkids. They have been getting a very bad rep because at times they can sound somewhat like Linkin Park. Regardless of that opinionated bullshit, they pack a punch in literally every song on the album. They’re a band that traverses the road of heaviness and electronic metalcore while bringing in their own taste of lyrical genius and originality. Although their singer and rapper, Tyler, may have some similarities to Mike Shinoda [Linkin Park], that does not mean they should be criticized negatively since they are one of the more unique sounds Rise Records has ever had the option of picking up.

A little later after the announce of Dangerkids, there was another band that came in and rocked the Rise roster with their electronic complexity and lyrical bars in their demo Nanovirus. Their full length came out recently, giving them a huge lead on a lot of other releases this year due to their phenomenal mixing and production. This band is called Exotype. After releasing an EP prior to their signing to Rise, they formed a sound that is a mix of an intricate form of hardcore with slight dubstep and some rapped vocals in order to bring a large amount to the table. With a very full sound, they are a great band for the new Rise upbringing of rap and electronic influenced metalcore.

Last but not least, one of Rise’s newest signings came in with a mixed review of Risecore kids and music followers everywhere. The band Cane Hill, hailing from the branches of influence via Drowning Pool and Adema, have a sense of hardcore where they place spoken lyrics as emphasis on a specific idea. This was mostly done in the early 2000’s, and is a really cool thing to see a band do almost 15 years later. Whilst mixing a heavy backdrop and modern metalcore with olden nu-metal elements, Cane Hill could definitely be bringing something special to the new Rise trend.

There have also been small traces of this in Of Mice & Men’s most recent release, Restoring Force, which has given an interesting spin on their music, and has been a small conspiracy factor in this whole genre scandal. Just something to think about as the months pass and Rise continues their strides on becoming one of the biggest labels in the world through their bands, social influence, and constant flow of knowing how to become the trend setters.

Rise Records Setting a New Trend for Metalcore
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