METAL FUSION 2017: Heavy Music Festival

METAL FUSION 2017: Heavy Music Festival
Ever been to Tasmania? Well, you should go. It’s marvellous. The local beer, wine, and whisky are the stuff of legends. The food is legitimately amazing. In fact, the food is not shit. The folks are fair and friendly–a little odd considering the island was founded and built by murderers, degenerates, and senseless monsters who committed deplorable acts such as stealing bread, or punching a horse in their stupid, long equine faces, because fuck horses.

Seriously, look at it. Take it to the dump pls.

Seriously, look at it. To the dump pls.

Tassie is also a state of innovation. They had the first brewery in Australia, the first underground sewerage system, and if the legend is to be believed, some guy in Launceston invented the first notepad. Like, in the world. Dubious, I know, but the point is they did some things before the rest of Australia, so fuck you. Their relative isolation has helped foster a rich culture of creativity, and the music and arts scene is no exception.

There’s a swathe of festivals held throughout the year, and 2016 marked the debut of Tasmania’s first dedicated annual heavy music festival, METAL FUSION. Held in February, it saw the likes of Psycroptic, Graves, and Hollow World grace the stage at Club 54 in Launceston along with a host of local Tasmanian talent. We’re bringing you the first official lineup announcement for the 2017 event right now, so strap yourselves in; the lineup for next year is even bigger, and will pack a firm punch to your presumably tiny, ineffectual balls.

Metal Fusion 2017 will see patreon peddling, violin-molesting metal exports Ne Obliviscaris as main headlining act, joined by Sanzu, Legerity, and fellow Melbourne lads Hollow World returning for round two. Local acts Actuality, Sanctify The Serpent, Break Through, Mountains Of Madness, and Zero Degrees Freedom will also make an appearance, with another lineup announcement on December 9 due to reveal some more national acts, so get hype.

Until then, check out the official Metal Fusion 2017 event page and snap up your tickets tomorrow through Oztix.

Lucas Tolputt Promotions and Vanguard Bookings Present:


Heavy Music Festival 2017

Metal Fusion 2017 2


February 14th, 2017.
Club 54, Launceston.

Tickets: Oztix

METAL FUSION 2017: Heavy Music Festival
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