Do You Believe In Love At First Lten?

Do You Believe In Love At First Lten?
There has always been that stupid cliche about love at first sight, but have you ever truly run into the phenomenon of love at first lten? Now I’m not just talking about the stupid moments where you hear something moderately cool and tell your friends to shut it the fuck off by saying that you love it. I’m referring to the songs that straight up give us goosebumps and have the ability to make us shed tears upon the very first lten, the chills that strike down your spine; the ones that really impact you.

Let’s take it back a short while, or maybe a bit longer for the older folks out there. Think about your very first favorite song, and how much you loved it with all of your heart. That song was everything you were ever looking for and exactly what you desired. It didn’t even matter how bad the song was, but every time we ltened to it, everything was okay.

For example, about seven months ago, I started to fall in love with a band called Dayshell. Their vocalt, Shayley Bourget [ex. Of Mice & Men, CHAPTERS], was able to hit me so hard, so fast. Nearly every song on their self titled album had the ability to touch me in some way that I almost cried after each one. Edge of the World, which a perfect example of th, came upon me during a time where the circumstances just made that song the most relevant thing in the world.

So clearly th wasn’t the first time that I’ve died over a song fitting my life perfectly, and I’m sure it’s happened to both the best and worst of us. That now raes the question of falling in love at first lten. Take a case of ltening to a song that has become your favorite song over the course of one lten. It’s a very rare occurrence but it happens.

At the end of the day, every music lover has their fair share of songs they love and hate, and ones that brought them through hell and back. Some songs will be ltened to the first time and will be great songs, but it takes a really special one to be able to truly fall in love at first lten.

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