Bandcamp Bargain Bin #3 ft. Sam Dishington [Départe]

Bandcamp Bargain Bin #3 ft. Sam Dishington [Départe]
G’day, flogs. This installment of Bandcamp Bargain Bin has been hand-picked by none other than Disho himself, so you can expect a healthy smattering of black metal, metal that is black, metal noir, and good ol’ fashioned black metal, just for good measure. There’s probably some other shit in there as well, I guess. As an aside, Départe are releasing a full-length very soon, so you should probably head over to their bandcamp page and drop a pre-order on that sonbitch pronto. Enjoy! As always, links are in the titles.

Abaton – Discography

Killer proggy doomy sludge metal from Italy with a smattering of hardcore and some really sick atmosphere. Plus a guest vocal spot from old mate from Nero Di Marte, and that guy is sick, so get around it. Pay What You Wish.

The Armed – Discography

Fans of Converge, The Dillinger Escape Plan and Every Time I Die (I think, I don’t listen to much ETID… but I think of them when I listen to this) will dig this rad four piece math/hardcore band. All 7 of their releases on Bandcamp are Free Download, which is nice of them! Free Download

Frontierer – Discography

Mathcore. Mathcore, mathcore, mathcore. These Scots play very sick, super hectic and aggressive mathcore in the vein of Car Bomb, The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza and Sectioned. In fact, some of the guys from Frontierer are also in Sectioned, who you should definitely also check out. Their stuff is free on Bandcamp too. I probably should have put them on this list. Oh well, next time. Pay What You Wish

Hexis – Discography

What kind of terrible gig promoter would I be if I didn’t mention the band I’m running shows for down in Tasmania in a few weeks? These Danish legends produce angry, dark, noisy black metal with a distinct hardcore flavour. Fans of stuff like Celeste and This Gift Is A Curse will enjoy the hell out of this. Pay What You Wish

Keeper – Discography

Some sludgy, dreary, melancholic doom from California. FFO Black Sheep Wall, if they were less pissed off and just generally miserable instead. Guaranteed to brighten your day. Pay What You Wish

Martröð – Transmutation of Wounds

Dissonant, bleak, and terrifying, this Icelandic/American/French/Italian black metal supergroup features members from Leviathan, Aosoth, Blut Aus Nord, Misþyrming (mentioned
below) and Skáphe (also mentioned below) and is preeeetty much guaranteed to give you nightmares. In the best possible way, of course. For fans of all the bands mentioned, plus a bit of Svartidauði and everyones favourite French black metallers Deathspell Omega. It’s good. It’s very, very good. Pay What You Wish

Misþyrming – Söngvar elds og óreiðu

Some more friendly wholesome black metal from Iceland, which frankly at the moment seems to be the best place to find the sickest of black metals. A touch more melodic than Martröð, but only a touch. Fans of any of the bands listed in the Martröð writeup will lap this up. Pay What You Wish

Old Love – Discography

Time for something local. I’ve had my eye on this band since their untitled 2014 EP, and they’ve just gotten better and better with each release. Their earlier stuff had a bit of a screamo vibe, but it’s still just the right kind of ugly and dissonant, and their latest EP Pervesion is basically if Deathspell Omega were a hardcore band. With a hint of Plebeian Grandstand. French bands are sick. Pay What You Wish

Rorcal – Creon

Some tasty Swiss cheese. I mean black metal. Tasty Swiss black metal. Their earlier stuff is sick too, a bit darker/more aggressive, which as we’ve already seen in this list is something I like very much, however this album takes a bit more of a melodic turn, almost into ‘post black’ territory. And, it’s very sick. Pay What You Wish

Rosetta – The Anaesthete

This. These guys are a huge influence for me as a musician, to the point where my band Départe is named after one of the songs from their incredible first album, The Galilean Satellites. It seems they’ve got two Bandcamp pages, one with the newer stuff, which is all Pay What You Want, and another with the less new stuff, which isn’t free, or even cheap, just regular old digital music prices. Fans of spacey, shoegazey, sludgey post metal will love this, and if you don’t, you’re wrong. Pay What You Wish

Skáphe – Discography

I mentioned these guys in the write-up about Martröð. This US duo create nightmarish, dissonant black metal. Fans of the more experimental and utterly terrifying side of black/death metal would do well to give these guys a spin. Not just before going to bed though, you won’t sleep well. Pay What You Wish

Sundr – Loss

Another local pick, Melbourne’s Sundr are a band I’m particularly excited about. They’ve only released this two track EP so far, but it shows great promise and I’m very keen to see where it goes! Gloomy, visceral post-hardcore/post-metal with some great atmosphere and a good amount of misery. I love it. Pay What You Wish

Sun Worship – Discography

Some more black metal for you, because I love it. German four piece Sun Worship are a bit more melodic than some of the previous bands mentioned, adding a slightly ‘post’ atmosphere at times, but frankly they’re the sickest. Fans of stuff like Ash Borer, Yellow Eyes, Wolves in the Throne Room and Woe will dig. Pay What You Wish

Tellus Effluentia – Phyical, Emotional, Temporal

I love this band, they’ve got such a sick energy and a great atmosphere. Moody, melancholic doom/sludge/post metal in the vein of Belgium’s Amenra – a band that I also sweat hard. Pay What You Wish

*Special Mention* – Throatruiner Records Discography

Ok, I’m kind of cheating here. This isn’t on Bandcamp, it’s just on the label’s website. It’s all also on Bandcamp, but most of it isn’t free there like it is on their website. Throatruiner is one of my all-time favourite labels, hosting incredible acts like Plebeian Grandstand who were listed on a previous Bargain Bin, and almost everything in their discography is free here, it’s NICE! Personal recommendations from the freebie list are As We Draw, Calvaiire, Death Engine, Fange, Love Sex Machine, Nesseria, Plebeian Grandstand, The Rodeo Idiot Engine, and Vermin Womb. Get it into you!

Bandcamp Bargain Bin #3 ft. Sam Dishington [Départe]
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