Bandcamp Bargain Bin #2

Bandcamp Bargain Bin #2
It’s time for the second installment of Bandcamp Bargain Bin! That’s right, that means another bunch of sick bargains from my favourite music platform. So load up your PayPal, and get ready to fork out a shockingly small amount of cash in exchange for some damn fine tunes. As always, leave your favourite Bandcamp bargains in the comments, and don’t forget to follow me HERE for more sweet recommendations. Links are embedded in the titles, as per usual. Cheers, nerds.

Serious Beak – Huxwhukw

Art As Catharsis founder/labelhead Lachlan Dale is actually a bullshit good musician, and here is a fair amount of proof of that. Serious Beak have a weird name to match their weird song titles and weird music. Prog fans will have a field day with this one. Pay What You Wish

Corpo-Mente – Corpo-Mente

I’ve only recently discovered that Igorrr is a thing, thanks to my mate Disho (who will be contributing a future edition/s of BBB), and I was left wondering where the hell his incomparable blend of baroque, electronica, opera, and black/death metal had been all of my life. The answer is ‘presumably somewhere in France, where he’s always been’. This particular album is a side-project in conjunction with insanely talented vocalist Laure Le Prunenec, whose voice is an absolute revelation. Listen, and weep at her unreal diversity. Pay What You Wish

Hashshashin – Nihsahshsah

Only available for pre-order as yet, due for release on October 11th. Hashshashin have somehow managed to incorporate bouzouki and didgeridoo into prog metal. How? Fucks me, but they have. And it’s not one of those occasions where a band uses exotic instruments for shits, giggles, and pretentious wank cred, either. This actually works really fucking well, and as a bonus, the pre-order is only a buck. Sick. $1 AUD

Dan Mason – Discography

Dan Mason makes really cool, chilled out soundtrack sort of stuff, and it rules. Imagine cruising along the highways of Miami in high Summer, and you’ll get a really accurate idea of what he’s all about. 15 releases for a couple bucks sounds like a great bargain to me. $1.50 USD

Master Boot Record – Discography

This is easily one of my coolest discoveries whilst lurking the experimental tag on Bandcamp. Italian composer Vittorio D’Amore has so far released 4 EPs of jaw-dropping neo-classical chiptune metal. Imagine if someone took Paganini’s cerebral cortex, fused it to the hive-mind of At The Gates, or Archspire, and then took that imprint and programmed it into a DOS interface designed solely for composing chiptune. It is actually un-fucking-believable. 4 Euro

Noisebleed Records – Discography

Every release on the Noisebleed roster is name your price, with the exception of the Antichrist Demoncore/Disparo! split, so why not treat yourself to some disgust, downright filthy grind and noise. As an aside, even that ACxDC/D! split is only a buck, so it sure as fuck won’t break the bank, just your ears. Pay What You Wish/$1 AUD

Toska – Ode To The Author

Otherwise known as ‘the 3 from Dorje that aren’t Chappers’. Rabea Massad is a fucking lord, and you should buy this immediately. Healthy doses of Tool, Karnivool, and just outright shreddy goodness, you won’t be at all disappointed. Also, it’s pretty fucking hard to be disappointed when the album is worth what ever you want it to be, innit? Pay What You Wish

Plini – Discography

Paying under thirty bucks for Plini’s discog, is about as good value as you are likely to find. Everyone probably knows how amazing he is, so the decision to purchase is a pretty simple one. It’s pretty much like copping a fucking Lamborghini for $30k, honestly. $29 AUD

Bastardhammer – 10 Counts Of Fuck Off

Aside from having a fucking sweet name, and an even sweeter named album, this is only four quid. Filthy, aggressive, riffs, and a surprising amount of complexity will give you plenty of value. As crusty as your mum after a visit to the glory hole, and somehow even dirtier. £4

Fat Guy Wears Mystic Wolf Shirt – Counter/Transference

I’m not even hugely into grind, and I fucking love this shit. To be fair, these guys are, as my mate Brad says, fvlsegrind, but still. Possibly the greatest band name ever, too. $3 AUD

The Mercury Tree – Permutations

Microtonal stuff has an extreme propensity to sound like utter shit, if you don’t know what you are doing. Luckily for us music fans, The Mercury Tree know exactly what they are doing, and have a bunch of releases to boot. If you want to hear microtonal music done well, either because you need an introduction, or because everything you’ve heard thus far has been shit, this is the album for you. $7/$19.50 (discog) USD

Plebeian Grandstand – Discography

Another in the line of ‘holy fuck that’s a sick band name’, France’s Plebeian Grandstand also represent an incredible bargain for aficionados of black metal, noise, math, and the like. The intensity will kick you in the face from the get-go, and the apocalyptic chaos will see you returning time after time. False Highs, True Lows will end up in many AOTY lists, I suspect. Pay What You Wish

Bandcamp Bargain Bin #2
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