Bandcamp Bargain Bin #1

Bandcamp Bargain Bin #1
G’day, you utter cretins. Today, I’m going to present to you a bunch of hectic bargains on my favourite purchase platform, Bandcamp. I’m a huge fan of their model, and I endeavour to purchase as much music via Bandcamp as I can. In fact, pretty much all of the money that I personally spend out of our Patreon payments goes to buying shit on there, overheads aside. So in this article, I’m going to link a bunch of bands that I think represent a killer bargain. Most of them are pay what you wish, but the limit I have set is a tenner for a full album, and under fifteen for a discography. Not all of these are new releases, but a fair amount of them are. Feel free to follow me on Bandcamp for more sweet recommendations, and absolutely drop a link to your favourite bargains in the comments. Cheers.

p.s. if you’re too daft to realise, the links are embedded in the titles.

El Monstro – Parthenia/Within

If you love La Dispute, chances are you’ll dig the fuck out of this. Riffs, poetry, feelings, all that good shit, and for a tasty pay what you wish (Parthenia) and $3 (Within) price tag. Good shit. Pay What You Wish/$3 AUD

The Helix Nebula – Meridian

Instrumental prog/shred that was released a couple years ago, and would still be just as sick if it was released today. These Sydney-siders have a new album ‘coming soon’, which I’m sure would be true if half the band weren’t constantly touring as Plini‘s band. $5 AUD

Starrats – Chaos Calls

Fucking sweet noise from our nation’s begrudged capitol. They also have new material ‘coming soon’, which would probably be aided and abetted if they didn’t live in the armpit of the country. This should tide you over until they release new shit. Pay What You Wish

Blind Girls – Efflorescence/He Who Swallowed The Bloom

Another noise band, because that’s my shit. These two releases are fucking brilliant, and they are equally brilliant live. Pick up both of them pay what you wish, and you can grab the previous mini-EP Solace for free download while you’re at it. Pay What You Wish

Death’s Grip Records

I know I said $15 bucks max for discogs, but fuck you, it’s my article and I’ll do what I want. This gets special mention, because the label owner, Josh Howes, is a fucking sick cunt and pretty much every release in this collection is mint. I got this when it was on special for $12 too, so if he puts it on special again ever, you too can score 30+ releases for sweet fuck all. $30


Taswegian phenom Sam Dishington (of Departé fame) set himself the challenge of writing and recording a powerviolence EP in one day, and it’s fucking swell. That’s right, homeboy is so talented that he can do more in a day than half of you flogs can do in months. Check it. Pay What You Wish

Dead Teach The Living – The Crowning

Experimental metal in the vein of Mr Bungle, or even The Dillinger Escape Plan at times. This EP is the shit, but don’t write off previous album The Feeding Begins, which is arguably even better. Pay What You Wish

Wartime Sweethearts – So Long Sparta

If Bjork, St. Vincent, and Imogen Heap somehow had a kid, and she grew up to be a musician, she might very well sound like this. Unbelievable dynamic control, beautiful vocal tone, and quirky composition will mean that you are hitting that pre-order button immediately. $7 AUD

Kurushimi – Shōtotsu

Another Art As Catharis artist, these guys have a serious hard on for John Zorn, and weird Japanese sound-chic. Chaotic, and fucking mesmerisizing in equal measure. Pay What You Wish

Astronoid – Air

If you’re into Alcest, incest, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Thailand, or any combination of the above, you’re probably both a weird cunt, and going to enjoy the shit out of this. These guys have a suggested payment bracket lower down on the page, so you should be a good person and pay according to your bracket. Pay What You Wish

The Austerity Program – Beyond Calculation

Pretty much just ADHD distilled into musical form. So much so, they couldn’t even concentrate on one thing long enough to give their songs proper titles. Bonus points for the hilarious lyrics. Pay What You Wish

The Great City – Discography

I’ve linked their most recent EP, but if you look directly underneath it, you’ll see that the full discography is actually cheaper than the single EP. Not sure why, but then, they are an artsy lot, so I’m sure they’d have a long winded explanation of how the collective is of greater value than the immediate, or some such bullshit. Anyway, if you like mathy, emotionally laden stuff with a healthy dose of ‘what the fuck just happened?!’, then you will adore the shit out of this. $4.59 AUD

DriveTime Commute – Bag of Snakes

Sounds like what the title says: a literal bag of snakes. Norma Jean fans will dig this to no end, and so will fans of not sitting still for more than twelve seconds at a time. Actually off its fucking collective tits, to be totally honest. $5 AUD


Pretty much SikTh meets Mr. Bungle meets whatever the fuck else they feel like. All over the joint, but strangely coherent somehow. The groove is strong with this one. Pay What You Wish

BORT – Discography

BORT are fucking nuts, seriously. If, like me, you are a fan of unpredictable, crazy shit, you’ll love this. Also, by an extreme coincidence, my son’s name is also Bort. Small world! $10.85 AUD

Old Gods – Old Gods

Another in the ‘this is batshit crazy and awesome’ category, this makes for perfect background music if you are planning a weekend on LSD, Ritalin, and Ketamine. Cop this and then wonder what the fuck is going on the whole time. Mental. Pay What You Wish

Bandcamp Bargain Bin #1
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