Song: This Existence – “Too Far Gone”

Song: This Existence – “Too Far Gone”

Song: “Too Far Gone”
Band: This Existence
Location: Perth, Australia
Date of Release: 26/09/2014
Genre: Melodic Hardcore
Reviewer: Mr Mason
For Fans Of: Unbuttered toast, Meth, Bonox
Why They Aren’t Famous: Heart In Hand cover bands never make any money these days.

Melodic Hardcore is fast becoming a genre so weighed down with mediocre melodi-posi-emogroove-beatdown bands, it’s about to “sink” like an “anchor” to the “bottom of the ocean”, much like an excerpt straight from ‘The Big Book of Ocean Themed Hardcore Vernacular: For Dummies’.

The scene is awash with vacuous, namby-pamby, milquetoast bands playing the hardcore-by-numbers game, at a loss as to why nobody’s appreciating their ‘art’, when most people have far more exciting activities to engage in, such as working in Finance, listening to British political radio broadcasts, or standing entirely still facing a wall for several hours. It takes something unique to cut through the crap out there. A snazzy name, six guitarists, or a DJ, because when you’re emulating bands that are emulating bands emulating bands, you end up sounding old, tired, and full of lard, like Matt Preston. Or the other guy. Whatever.

Perth’s This Existence are in no way breaking or even remotely reshaping the mould, but in the interest of this being my first review with IPHYB, I’ll begin with the positive to deflect from the true shitty nature of my personality.

Overall, the guitars are pretty solid. The track opens with a melodic intro and leading into a melodic verse and chorus – the riffs in these sections are well put together, although uninspired. But who really gives a fuck. Unless you’re ripping out some next level Napoleon type shit it’s pretty difficult to stand out from the crowd. The beatdown and subsequent double-time section after the chorus and are definitely the highlights – ultimately the softer shades of the song really let it down as a whole. It’s pretty clear their strengths lie in tough guy riffage and fast hardcore-punk stylings, opposed to sensitive musings about whatever the hell this guy is actually singing about, but I’ll get to that later.

The bass is virtually non-existent, but again – this is hardcore. I used to play bass in a hardcore band and literally played an entire show with a busted cab. I didn’t notice, the sound guy probably didn’t notice, and our seven fans didn’t notice. The bass sucks, but that’s probably OK with everyone in the universe.

The drums are pretty much what you would expect. These days everyone uses shitty triggers that sound like you’re slapping wet fish against a whiteboard, so it doesn’t really matter what they sound like. I’m a sucker for speed, so the double time part (singular) after the chorus really saved me from completely crucifying this song. Because, man. The lyrics. THE FUCKING LYRICS, MAN.

Don’t get me wrong – the singer is really good. It’s fair to say a lot of hardcore bands regardless of whether they incorporate melody have god awful singers, so it’s refreshing to come across bands that have vocalists that have discernible talent. His screams are fluid and on key, and he has a decent range. However, he’s entirely let himself down with his lyrics. Presuming he even wrote them and weren’t plagiarized from an exercise book swiped up from their local high school music room. With profound insights such as the opening:

I’m not afraid of you
Sometimes I wish I could run away
To a place where you are dead
From your hurtful ways

I don’t mean to over analyse, but I had trouble understanding whether or not he wanted this person dead. I mean, if this person is dead, then surely they would be rid of these ‘hurtful ways’, albeit being their own.
So does he have pity for this person? Are they so self-destructive with their own ‘hurtful ways’, he wishes them dead? I mean – that’s harsh, but whatever works for you. The song is smattered with insightful gems such as this, but at the risk of sounding like a complete asshole, I’ll sign out here.

Vocals –
Screams: 7/10
Guitars: 5/10
Bass: 2/10
Drums: 4.5/10
Production: 6.5/10
Lyrics: Can’t even/10
Songwriting: 5/10
Overall IPHYB Rating: 5/10
Personal Enjoyment: 6/10

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