Song Review: Sine Cura – “Survival Instinct

Song Review: Sine Cura – “Survival Instinct

Song: “Survival Instinct
Band: Sine Cura
Location: Mcallen, Texas,
Date of Release: 13/07/2015

Genre: Melodic Hardcore/Emo

Reviewer: Teemo Main

For Fans Of: Adventures, Placebo

Why They Aren’t Famous: Emo isn’t a big thing anymore, no matter how good it is.

There are some bands out there who aren’t doing anything wrong. They haven’t fucked anything up, their marketing is fine, and their music is great. However, there’s still something missing. Sine Cura seem to be one of those bands – ‘Survival Instinct’ is an excellent song, and most definitely under-appreciated .

My only real criticism for the band is lyrically. I’m convinced they must be aware the lyrics can come across as cheesy and extremely cliched, but in-between the loathing and angst there lurks a few genius lines with some real depth. What really helps the band is the vocalist, the lyrical content countered by his pain and sincerity. Listening to the song, you can feel the raw emotion and sadness present in his voice.

Vocally, the song is thought out and executed well. For me the best vocals shine with authenticity and self-belief, and the vocalist conveys the authentic feeling throughout the song exceptionally well. The screamed lines used sparingly reinforce the passion – it drips off the page; strained and angsty, suiting the music perfectly. 

The guitars bind beautifully with the music and vocal techniques – the writers deserve a pat on the back. Smooth and discordant is what I would use to describe the overall vibe of the music, and structurally the song flows perfectly from one section to another. My personal favourite being the transition into the screamed section two and a half minutes in. Most bands fall apart at the transition, but with Sine Cura it’s executed flawlessly.

The bass is present, but not exactly loud in the mix. While this isn’t awful, I feel that the lack of bottom end in the sound leaves their material sounding a little tinny and hollow. It’s perhaps not entirely the bassist’s fault, but a few more risks and a bass-heavier mix and master is what’s needed for the band. Certainly, again nothing wrong here – just nothing jaw-droppingly special. The drums are basic; no experimentation, just straight up. I can’t really fault them. The first verse and intro are perhaps the high point as they drive the pace of the song.

Production-wise, I feel it really needed more low end. No matter what I listened to the music through, it all sounded a little bit tinny and treble heavy. I understand that’s very much the standard for emo, but a little more bass response wouldn’t go amiss.

Vocals –
 Screams: 7/10 
Cleans: 8/10

Guitars: 7/10
Bass: 6/10

Drums: 6/10
Production: 6.5/10

Lyrics: 6/10

Songwriting: 8/10

Overall IPHYB Rating: 7/10

Personal Enjoyment: 8/10

Song Review: Sine Cura – “Survival Instinct
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