Song Review: Attila – “Ignite”

Song Review: Attila – “Ignite”

Band: Attila
Song: Ignite
Genre: Metalcore
Date of Release: September 24, 2016
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
For Fans Of: Vaping

Oh, boy. Attila are back. I won’t bore you with their history — it’s likely you’ve heard of them by now and are familiar with their particular brand of cringe. So let’s get straight into it.

Fronzilla opens with “It’s about that time / this the year we take shit off the internet / and take it to the streets, motherfucker”, and I’m immediately sceptical. He’s obviously talking about internet beef (unless his next project is going to be some avant-garde real-life meme performance art), and I I can’t help but be a little dubious of a bloke who wears singlets brandishing the slogan “SUCK MY FUCK” and posts bed-selfies on the reg. If Fronz did actually try to take anything to “the streets”, his dick would be violently punched off within 30 seconds for his $10,000 watch, or perhaps more likely, someone will take his invitation to suck his fuck too literally and he would perish in a bizarre sexual encounter with a group of randy Australian tourists.

In the chorus he whines “Don’t give a damn what people say / Save it for another day / You gonna talk the talk then walk this way / Or save it for another day.” Basically, he’s challenging shit-talkers to take their internet grievances directly to the band themselves, to “the streets”, while simultaneously making it very clear that he doesn’t care what you think. In practice, feel free to talk smack on Atilla all you want, just make sure to challenge Fronz to a street fight.

The rest is what you would expect from a standard Atilla song — he’s mates with Satan, he’s here to party, his soul is black, all that shit. He reiterates that he wants to bash you towards the end of the song with the jaunty line “If you came to hate, then say it to my face”, which is important to note because it really nails the general lyrical theme of the song, which is “I’ll fite ya cunt”.

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The overall composition is incredibly repetitive and banal. I think everyone can admit that Atilla, at least sometimes, can produce some pretty catchy riffs and halfway decent songs. Rage is a ripper of an album, and I can’t help but think what they’d be like if they’d stuck with a little more a humble persona and didn’t milk the whole “don’t give a fuck” schtick for all it’s worth. Ignite is definitely one of their more boring songs, and the absence of anything interesting in the composition just make the cringe lyrics even more difficult to stomach.

All in all, it sucks, but you probably knew that. More importantly, now that I’ve ripped on them, I guess I have to formally challenge Fronz to a fight. So listen here, buddy. Next time you’re in Australia we’ll bloody do it. Get in contact with me and we’ll schedule a time. I’m weak af, but I reckon I could probably take you. Bloody woolly woof.

Vocals: 3/10
Lyrics: 1/10
Guitar: 3/10
Bass: – 5/10
Percussion: 3/10
Songwriting: No/10
Production: 5/10
Personal Enjoyment: 1/10
Overall IPHYB Rating: 2/10

Song Review: Attila – “Ignite”
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