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Live Review: NoFX/Frenzal Rhomb/The Bennies 15/11 Metro City

Live Review: NoFX/Frenzal Rhomb/The Bennies 15/11 Metro City

Live Review: NoFX/Frenzal Rhomb/The Bennies 15/11/14 Metro City

NoFX is my absolute favourite band, so you can guarantee that this will be a completely objective review with not an ounce of bias.

Or not. Let me start by saying that Metro City has the worst fucking sound on the planet. I say this as someone who has studied and worked in sound engineering. Also, who had the bright fucking idea to have a metal dance floor? Moshing + beer + metal floor = slippery as shit. It’s just fucking stupid. Fuck Metros and their security who tell you that you can only wear hats backwards. Like, what the fuck is this shit?

Fuck you guys.

Okay, now that’s out of the way let’s talk about the bands. Opening up the night were photobonging superstars The Bennies. They hail from the magical land of Victoria, which for those of you not in the know, is where AFL lives. I dig the Bennies, they have a cool mix of party punk and reggae that is refreshing in the sea of post-indie-whateverthefuckcore bands coming out of this country at the moment. The Bennies know how to party, and if getting the crowd singing along, dancing and drinking early was their job, they god damn succeeded.

Beer stained veterans of the Australian scene, Frenzal Rhomb, were up next. These guys have been delivering a solid live show for about twenty years now and this was no different. I’ve seen these guys play in a few different decades and I’m amazed that they can still pull it the way they do.

When an international band hits the stage, it’s always a thing of beauty. Professional rock stars come out with an explosion of energy. This… is not the case with NoFX. They stumble out and talk shit for 5 minutes before begrudgingly playing Murder the Government in all its flawless beauty. The crowd is jammed to the barricades and absolutely going off. Throughout the show the energy in the room never dwindled, but things never got crazy, probably because of the pure amount of people jammed at the front of stage. That being said, shit did get pretty awesome when this dude jumped right off the fucking balcony.

That’s how it’s fucking done!

Frontman Fat Mike made headlines during the tour when he punched and kicked a fan who hugged him on stage. The two made up at the next show but the internet was in a stir about the whole thing. This show was not without its controversy with Mike getting hit in the face by some kind of object which pissed him off in a big way. Calling out the ‘skinhead pussy’ who did it he was only held back from diving into the crowd by security and his girlfriend. It happened a few times over the night and I gotta say, if you throw shit at the fucking band you deserve to be punched in the fucking face.

One of the staples of the NoFX live show is playing a bunch of songs in a short amount of time. This time it was a claimed 11 songs in 5 minutes, whether or not they pulled it off is up for debate, but fuck it, its tradition and we love it!

What do you think? (That’s rhetorical, we actually don’t give a fuck what you think). Ugh, my point is the shit is fun. NoFX is just the most fun band to watch. They make jokes, change lyrics, and pay out the naming of our states. It’s just how they roll. If you want to hear some professional singers harmonise their way through some poppy drivel then go to an Artic Monkeys show or something. I don’t know, whatever.

The set list was perfect, they played all the songs you’d wanna hear. I could list them, but fuck you here’s another video

Live Review: NoFX/Frenzal Rhomb/The Bennies 15/11 Metro City 10.00/10 (100.00%) 3 votes
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  1. Quality.Great stuff.Cheers from England.

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