Album Review: Storm The Sky – ‘Sin Will Find You’

Album Review: Storm The Sky – ‘Sin Will Find You’

Band: Storm The Sky
Album: Sin Will Find You
Genre: Alternative, post-hardcore
Date of Release:5th August, 2016
Location: Melbourne, Victoria
Reviewer: Chris Giacca
For Fans Of: letlive, Issues, anonymous fucking
Track Listing:
1. Second Best 3:08
2. Jaded Ghost 3:26
3. Carcinova 4:42
4. Medicine 4:23
5. Wake Up Sleeping 4:39
6. In Vein 4:05
7. Lilac 4:18
8. S.W.F.Y 3:31
9. Disappointed 3:14
10. Burning 6:21

Storm the Sky are back. They are now minus a pointless vocalist, but they are back, just the same. This album shows a marked divergence from their previous incarnation as a stock-standard post-hardcore band, and honestly, they are much the better for it. They have capitalised on the single best thing they have going for them – Will’s exceptional voice – and more or less jettisoned the detritus. However, this comes with a little bit of a caveat.

The lyrics. Holy shit, seriously. I was actually really tempted to ditch reviewing this album, and just do a ’10 worst lyrics from Sin Will Find You‘ article, but I managed to restrain myself. Just. ‘Does it hold you back the way it breaks me that my baby is better than everything?’, for instance. Fucking hell. The whole album is full of super similar imagery, as if he ran out of metaphors two songs in. Hearts cold as ice, people fucking bed posts because the other person may as well not be there, bulk amounts of super edgy drug references, and an overarching theme of ‘I’m a piece of shit, but that’s pretty much all you deserve’ kind of gets old real quick. But whatever, I’m sure the teeny-boppers will eat it up by the mouthful, just like the Vitamin R they’re trading wristies in the school dunnies for. See? I can make shitty drug-related jokes too.

Outside of the terrible lyrics, however, there is some real quality here, and I can’t believe I’m saying that about Storm the Sky, of all bands. Permanence is the very definition of a forgettable record, so the fact that they’ve managed to mature enough to produce something this polished as a follow-up is, honestly, quite astounding. The instrumentation is dense, and emotionally charged, a perfect counterpoint to the vocals. I actually can’t fault it, aside from maybe wanting a bit more substance in the drumming. That’s admittedly being super picky, though.

The album itself is surprisingly diverse, ranging from heavy hitters ‘Jaded Ghost’, and ‘S.W.F.Y’, to mellow slow-burners like ‘In Vein’, or quasi-dream-pop in ‘Disappointed’. ‘S.W.F.Y’ is easily my pick of the album, but there are a handful of other highlights, which means you won’t really struggle to get through a full listen, lyrics aside. If, unlike me, you can ignore shitty lyrics, you’ll probably have a great time picking over the various stylistic offerings on Sin Will Find You.

The vocals themselves are actually fantastic. Will seems to have ditched the saccharine, soulless bullshit that was prevalent on Permanence, in favour for some seriously impressive crooning. There are a couple occasions where he has slightly bitten off more than he can chew, his melisma game could still use a little bit of work in that regard, but overall he has improved out of sight. It is quite refreshing to hear a vocalist utilising the devices they were born with to inject character into their voice, rather than having it edited to the shithouse in order to sound like every other schmuck in the scene.

This album is fucking weird. There, I said it. I can’t quite tell whether it is actually good or not, because so much of it straddles the line of the ridiculous. One one hand, you have a bunch of really cool vocal lines, but then they are totally offset by horrible lyricism. I’d be sitting there enjoying the melodies, and the drop dead gorgeous tone of Will’s voice, and then all of a sudden my brain would register a line like ‘I’d be so good with anyone else, but you look so good fuck everyone else’, and then I’d be trying not to fall off my chair laughing. That pretty much sums up this album, actually. It is the musical equivalent of that beautiful, vacuous person that, if they kept their mouth shut, they would be far more tolerable. Instead, you just kind of go ‘ehhh, that was a thing that existed. Pretty though’ and move on with your life. Enjoyable to listen to, sure, just kind of daft.

Vocals: 9.5/10
Lyrics: 3/10
Guitar: 8/10
Bass: hahahahahahhahaa/10
Percussion: 7/10
Songwriting: 8/10
Production: 9/10
Personal Enjoyment: 6.5/10
Overall IPHYB Rating: 7.5/10

Standout Tracks: S.W.F.Y, Jaded Ghost, Medicine

Album Review: Storm The Sky – ‘Sin Will Find You’
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