Wrongful Death Lawsuit For SLIPKNOT Bassist Paul Gray Goes To Supreme Court

Wrongful Death Lawsuit For SLIPKNOT Bassist Paul Gray Goes To Supreme Court
The lawsuit surrounding the death of SLIPKNOT bassist Paul Gray has been moved to the Iowa Supreme Court to decide on matters relating to the case, namely the period of time a family member who has died as the suspected result of medical negligence has to file a wrongful death suit.

His widow Brenna Gray filed the suit back in 2014, four years after the musician died from a prescription drug overdose in a hotel room in 2010, with the inital claim being that Gray’s doctor, Dr. Daniel Baldi, continued to prescribe drugs to Gray in the final weeks of his life, despite knowing the musician had a drug addiction.

Baldi was acquitted of all counts of involuntary manslaughter in May 2014 after the judge dismissed the case for being filed two years late, arguing that a suit should have been filed immediately upon any suspicions of wrongdoing.

According to reports from The Des Moines Register, Breanna Gray stated that the final few weeks of her husband’s life were “a blur of extreme drug abuse”, in where neither his doctor nor bandmates would help.

Guitarist Jim Root spoke out against Gray’s widow in a 2011 interview, stating that he believed that “she will say whatever helps her case” and that they tried to seek help for Gray on numerous occasions.

”I think she’s probably gonna say whatever it is she thinks she needs to say for the lawyers to hear. You know, I mean, Paul was our brother; Paul was very close to us. We tried putting Paul into treatment numerous times, we took him off of tours and we had interventions with him. I would stop by at Paul’s house with my ex-girlfriend and he’d still be in bed. There are a lot of circumstances and dynamics there and I’m sure that she is hurting very deeply and trying to find some way to maybe put the blame somewhere. At the end of the day, Paul was sick and Paul had a problem and we were there for Paul.”

Proceedings are due to begin on Tuesday, with seven justices presiding over the matter.

Wrongful Death Lawsuit For SLIPKNOT Bassist Paul Gray Goes To Supreme Court
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