WOLFMOTHER To Release New Album

WOLFMOTHER To Release New Album
Led Zeppelin cover band WOLFMOTHER have announced a new record set to be released in February 2016.

The album, titled ‘Victorious’ will be the fourth official Wolfmother record, the follow up to the much maligned ‘New Crown’.

The name of Wolfmother is carried by founding member Andrew Stockdale after drummer Myles Heskett and keyboardist/bassist Chris Ross left the band in 2008 citing “irreconcilable differences”. Stockdale continued with a new lineup, going on to release ‘Cosmic Egg’ in 2009, ‘Keep Moving’ in 2013 (which was released solely under Stockdale’s name) and their latest, ‘New Crown’ in 2014.

It’s unclear whether Stockdale has decided to stop being a fucking gronk, who in the past has been labelled the most abusive and unapologetic musician to work with from many past collaborators and producers, as well as an exceptionally punchable, riff-stealing love child of Richard Simmons and Milo from The Planet Of The Apes.


Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone following this tragic news.

WOLFMOTHER To Release New Album
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