WHIRR Dropped From Label In Wake Of Twitter Controversy

WHIRR Dropped From Label In Wake Of Twitter Controversy
San Francisco shoegaze outfit WHIRR have been dropped from the Run For Cover Records catalogue, after the posting transphobic tweets (via Twitter) aimed at a transgender hardcore punk group.

Through their demonstrations of not giving a fuck and purposeful antagonising of the media and fans alike, Whirr, headed by vocalist Nick Bassett, have developed a reputation envied by arts students in an act which many could describe as the rustling a few jimmies – and, what many anthropologist experts have defined as, being a fucking asshole.

However, the group may have taken their ‘not very unique brand of internet-based comedic entertainment’ a little too far this time, as documented through a series of tweets aimed at Washington based G.L.O.S.S, written in order to promote their new (now self) release How To Get Dropped From Your Label.



And the final nail in the coffin.


And, obviously, in an act that was completely fucking predictable for being that stupid very left field and unforseeable in anyway shape or form, this whole routine resulted in this swift response:


Now if I might add my two cents, as I’ve been biting my tongue throughout the entirety of this article, I usually strive to write news in a very non-biased and simplistic way. Stick to the facts, keep from expressing my personal opinion, and so on. However, I find exception in this story, and wish only to help push those in the right direction. Speaking from a musician’s standpoint and the standpoint of any rational human being, there are some things in life that you just should not do.

– Wear white after labour day.
– Double dip with chips and dip.
– Think that frozen yoghurt is a suitable substitute for ice cream.
– Download and enjoy any Jennifer Lopez romantic comedy.
– Attack another band through a series of transphobic tweets, whilst not expecting such a backlash in response to you being an absolute morally inept cocksplash.

It shouldn’t be that difficult, it really shouldn’t. It’s 2015 already – we should have 19 Jaws films and be able to wake up and not see any of this childish petty bullshit on any medium, whether it be the internet, television, radio (Kyle Sandilands is the anti-christ), or even in print media, yet it still happens. Enough with the homophobia, transphobia, misogyny, misandry, racism, anything of the kind. Can we, as human fucking beings, just evolve already?

UPDATE – The band have released this statement via their Twitter account:

WHIRR Dropped From Label In Wake Of Twitter Controversy
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