VOLUMES Drummer Hospitalised Due to Extreme Butthurt

VOLUMES Drummer Hospitalised Due to Extreme Butthurt
VOLUMES drummer Nick Ursich has been hospitalised after being diagnosed with a painful, infected cyst near his tailbone and undergoing surgery to drain it – forcing the band to drop out of a few shows on their current European tour alongside The Acacia Strain and Hellions.

The band released the following statement via their official Facebook page:

Munich | Vienna | Budapest | Berlin
We are extremely heart broken we are not able to perform for you. Our drummer Nick Ursich had an infected cyst where he sits down to play drums. At first he kept complaining about something near his tailbone. Two hospitals in Spain and Switzerland told him nothing was wrong, until we went to a third in Germany and they had to operate on him immediately to remove and drain it out. Maintaining the wound has been hard on tour so now he is back in a fourth hospital, where he may stay overnight. More updates to come. To fly across the world and not able to perform hurts us more than anything. Please keep Nick Ursich in your prayers! Budapest is offering discounted rates if you keep your ticket for our next show there. We love you so much, and we will be back again in 2016 with a brand new album.

Volumes have also confirmed that friend of the band Max Schad will be filling in on drums in place of Ursich during his absence and recovery.

VOLUMES Drummer Hospitalised Due to Extreme Butthurt
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