THE AVALANCHES Release New Song ‘Frankie Sinatra’

THE AVALANCHES Release New Song ‘Frankie Sinatra’

UPDATE: 04.06.2016

THE AVALANCHES have finally released their new song Frankie Sinatra, after literally 1,000 years of working on new material. The band premiered the song on Thursday after previously releasing an album teaser (see below) to whet the appetite of their fans who are still alive.

It’s obviously pointless asking if it’s been worth the wait. Arguably nothing in this cruel world is worth waiting sixteen long years for, unless of course it’s a fine wine or you’re Woody Allen. I recommend just listening to the track with an open mind and enjoying the song for what it is: crap.

Seriously though, I’m just joking. I haven’t actually listened to the song, because all music is bad and I have listened to any music whatsoever since 2007, but check out Frankie Sinatra below and let me know what you think. Cheers.

ORIGINAL STORY: 24.05.2016

Experimental dance/hip-hop DJ act and expert trolls The Avalanches have finally given some credible proof to new music being on the way, with a teaser clip and new tour dates announced in the last few days.

To the one-album wonders credit, they take the piss out of themselves for the fact that fans have literally been waiting for 16 long years for the follow-up to their critically acclaimed debut (and only LP) Since I Left You, which to this day still manages to get many a triple j presenter misty-eyed as they pontificate over the masterpiece that it was.

According the credible source that is the band’s Wikipedia page, the former eight-piece now three-piece have been working on the new album for more than 11 years. Roughly that should work out to be one year per song, so it’s obviously going to be the album of the century.

That being said, I’m prepared to drop any pent-up frustration I have towards The Avalanches (I literally pace up and down my stairs every night with anger) and disregard the fact it’s been 16 years in the making and listen to the album with an open mind. If it sucks, however, I will literally hunt down whoever is in the band and challenge them to a game of roshambo, but I’ll secretly be wearing a cup.

Lastly, an insider close with the band Beau Gancarnt says that not only will they will be releasing their second album this year, we’ll also see a third album from the band in 2031.

Reportedly sticking to their formula of one year per song, the trio will be touring the upcoming record for five years and will rest on its laurels for a further 11 years while they lock themselves in a cave with several triple j presenters to constantly shower them with adoration as they write the new material.

The Avalanches will be in their early sixties when their third album is finally released. It’s likely by that time we’ll see a change in direction from fellas in the form of some snappy dance tunes such as ‘Frontier Retirement’ and ‘Since I Left You (I Can’t Remember Where You Are)’.

You can watch the teaser below.

THE AVALANCHES Release New Song ‘Frankie Sinatra’
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