SAOSIN Sign With Epitaph Records

SAOSIN Sign With Epitaph Records
SAOSIN have announced they have signed with Epitaph Records for the release of their upcoming comeback album.

It will be the first Saosin record since In Search Of Solid Ground and the first new material with Anthony Green behind the mic since their 2003 EP.

”Making this record was such a sentimental thing for me. You can literally hear us making amends with each other while lamenting on our experiences together. It was very healing and cathartic, and might be the heaviest thing I’ve been a part of since the first EP. Epitaph is a perfect fit for this band”
Saosin began playing shows with Green again last year after almost four years of inactivity when ex-vocalist Cove Reber was given the boot for his waning vocal performance.

You can check out a teaser of their new material below.

SAOSIN Sign With Epitaph Records
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