Peter Black Enters Third Month Of Releasing One Song Per Day

Peter Black Enters Third Month Of Releasing One Song Per Day
Iconic Australian singer/songwriter, Peter ‘Blackie’ Black has been releasing a new song every day this year. Have you even been paying attention? Why not? Who are you? Go and check it out, idiot.

Beginning his humble career at the tender age of 13, Blackie has spent a solid 35 years in the industry, most notably as the guitarist of Australian rock/pop/punk/metal and whatever else mainstays The Hard Ons, the chaotic and criminally underappreciated Nunchukka Superfly and more recently, as a solo singer/songwriter who probably sits in the corner of your local haunt playing pretty tunes more often than you think.

Late last year, Blackie vowed to release one song per day via Bandcamp, for every day of 2016, stating “There’s actually a million reasons why I wanna do this, but to try and put it in a nutshell…I’ve been playing music my whole life, it’s wonderful, it just gets more wonderful every single day, so while I’m still able, I wanna go nuts!” in a 2015 press release.

Of course, this isn’t just an iPhone-voice-recorder-on-the-coffee-table job. Every song to date has been recorded ‘properly’ by Jay Whalley of Frenzal Rhomb, which naturally costs money. To assist with this, you can subscribe to the Song A Day project on Bandcamp and receive every song as it’s uploaded for $9 per month. Or, if you’re a cheapskate, you can just stream the existing Song A Day albums (January, February and a couple of songs from March so far) for free and just tune in every day for brand new jams.

For the dubious amongst you, I feel it’s only fair to tell you; so far so good. Clearly Blackie and Jay seem to be taking care to ensure that the quality of the songwriting and recordings are the very best they can achieve with such an enormous, time conscious project and the songs themselves are sure to please any fan of The Hard Ons, Nunchukka Superfly and Blackie’s solo work.

In addition to the Song A Day albums, subscribers receive instant downloads of two of Blackie’s previous albums, a 10% discount on all merchandise and ‘the satisfaction of knowing that you’re supporting me in a sustainable way’.

The Song A Day project is available now for streaming, subscription and download via Bandcamp.

Peter Black Enters Third Month Of Releasing One Song Per Day
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