PARKWAY DRIVE Drop New Single ‘Devil’s Calling’

PARKWAY DRIVE Drop New Single ‘Devil’s Calling’
Byron Bay tradiecore giants PARKWAY DRIVE have dropped a new single (titled ‘Devil’s Calling’ – embedded below), taken from the upcoming IRE Deluxe Digital Edition (out Friday 15th of July via Resist Records).

“Devil’s Calling was written post the release of IRE. The lyrics came as a response to the growing tensions we are seeing worldwide. In the last year we have seen people with flames of hatred, war, bigotry and fear used as a tool once again to divide and deflect our attention away from the corruption and malice that sits at the head of our power structures.” Explains Rage Against the Machine Parkway Drive frontman Winston McCall. “It was written simply as a protest song; we see it, we all see what is wrong. This is a redirection of the energy; we take the fires you light and use them to burn the bridges that connect the power from the base.”

IRE, which debuted at #1, was named Best Metal Album of 2015 by iTunes and is certified GOLD ARIA sales status alongside their four previous albums. The aforementioned ‘Deluxe Digital Edition’ of the album will also contain a remix of ‘A Deathless Song’, featuring Tonight Alive frontwoman Jenna McDougall.

PARKWAY DRIVE Drop New Single ‘Devil’s Calling’
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