OLI SYKES Punks Fans, They Can’t Even

OLI SYKES Punks Fans, They Can’t Even

BRING ME THE HORIZON frontman Oli Sykes has recently broken not only the internet, but the brains of his poor, feeble-minded young fans, after Tweeting a (fake) poster for Justin Bieber‘s Purpose World Tour featuring BMTH as a support act (alongside Zayn Malik), which can be viewed below.

Of course, being the humourless bunch of gits most music fans are, kiddies everywhere lost their shit entirely at the prospect of their beloved \m/metal\m/ band Bring Me The Horizon supporting a filthy pop sellout like Justin Bieber (despite the fact that BMTH went commercial many a moon ago), and they promptly took to Twitter to air complaints such as “THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING, MY MUSIC SCARES PEOPLE” and “I’m going to return my BMTH shirt to Hot Topic as soon as mom will take me to the mall!”

Sykes was soon forced to remove the fake tour poster, and cited legal issues surrounding the prank as the main reason behind the decision. “Apparently Zayn’s legal team cant take a joke,” he Tweeted, “everyone can stop crying now, Bieber & BMTH won’t be sharing a stage anytime soon.”

Of course, every piece of shit music media outlet on the planet (except us, we’re amazing(ly shit)) took the opportunity to point out that Oli saying “Bieber & BMTH won’t be sharing a stage anytime soon” wasn’t an outright denial of the prospect of the acts playing together, and used this insanely dumb, false speculation to further drag the state of the media down into The Pit of Shit and Clickbait. Good on ya, fuckos – way to stick up for journalistic integrity.

fake justin bieber bmth poster

OLI SYKES Punks Fans, They Can’t Even
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