NSW Premier Mike Baird Attempts To Justify Lockout Laws, Fails Miserably

NSW Premier Mike Baird Attempts To Justify Lockout Laws, Fails Miserably

Written by Jeremy Di Rie

Mike Baird, Premier of NSW and suspected ferret, dun goofed today with a very tl;dr post trying to justify his party’s wildly unpopular lockout laws by being a condescending dickhead. The internet wasn’t happy.

“The main complaints seem to be that you can’t drink till dawn any more and you can’t impulse-buy a bottle of white after 10pm,” Baird said, showing his age by pretending that Sydney stops at 10pm.

“We introduced laws to curb violence and to eliminate drinking ghettos by redistributing the nightlife across the city, making the whole city more vibrant,” he continued, comparing suburbs supporting live music with areas in Nazi Germany that were used to segregate and isolate the Jewish population. “These laws are about the moral obligation we have to protect innocent people from drunken violence,” Baird writes, whom as a relatively unknown hardline Christian, is obviously a moral authority.

But where idiots raise their heads, the internet will often appear to cut them down, and cut him down they did with the overwhelming majority of the 5000+ comments posted lambasting Ferret-boy. Big names such as Flight Facilities, Nina Las Vegas, The World Bar, and Keep Sydney Open had their say against Baird’s barley coherent rant.

The most scathing response, however, was from Sydney businessman Matt Barrie, who wrote an absolutely devastating 8000+ word article on the negative effects of the NSW lockouts on the once vibrant King Cross only days ago.

Barrie’s comment in full below:

“I am glad you finally found your social media logins. Here’s a statistic for you Mike: 927,000 reads of my article, #1 on LinkenIn Globally, #1 for reddit/r/sydney, and of 950 comments, 84.9% agreed that you you have destroyed the city’s reputation, small businesses, jobs or Sydney’s social & cultural fabric, 8.7% were neutral or had no comment, and only 6.4% agreed with you”.

This absolutely reaming from the internet further hurts the reputation of the already crippled lockouts with BOCSAR Data Reports suggesting that lockouts in Sydney are slowing the general trend of decreasing violence.

In a further display of boomers being boomers, several prominent QLD Labor figures – the political opponents of Mark Baird’s Liberal Party – shared Baird’s post, including premier Palaszczuk, who as also copped her fair share of criticism for attempting to bring in similar lockouts statewide.

Sydney’s lockouts are up for review in the next few months as QLD’s are currently being debated in parliament.
Let’s hope our elected leaders see some reason soon, but don’t bank on it.

NSW Premier Mike Baird Attempts To Justify Lockout Laws, Fails Miserably
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