NSW Government To Meet With Anti-Lockout Activists

NSW Government To Meet With Anti-Lockout Activists
The NSW government will finally meet with anti-lockout activists in their upcoming ‘Night-time economy roundtable’ in a bid to improve Sydney’s nightlife and create new ideas to draw patrons into the city (like there somehow isn’t a clue as to why the fuck the city is dying Mike Baird, you lego haired bitch).

Deputy Prime Minister Troy Grant has said “Everyone wants a safe and vibrant night-time Sydney economy. This is an exciting chance to work together”, while in between smoking blunts and saving ants The Greens have expressed skepticism at whether it’s simply a ploy to keep up appearances.

The initiative started after the government came under fire with heavy protests and boycotting coinciding with the two-year anniversary of the lockout laws, which countless business owners and hospitality workers have blamed for the torrid decline of Sydney nightlife.

The anti-lockout organisation Keep Sydney Open will be in attendance along with Uber, youth organisations, the medical lobby and representatives from the live music industry, and will finally give a legitimate forum for some rational conversation following two years of absurdity.

The 1:30am lockout and 3am last-drinks policy was established in 2014 after a number of high-profile ‘coward punch’ cases, which for our American readers is when some loser punches some unwilling participant as hard as possible while pissed, often resulting in tragic circumstances (ie. death).

The discussions begin on March 31 and will be held in three stages, with the full review due to finish up in August.

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NSW Government To Meet With Anti-Lockout Activists
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