Northlane VS Security

Northlane VS Security
Fair-dinkum Aussie championship pub fighters NORTHLANE allegedly got into an altercation with security at a show in Southampton, UK last night, after the staff hired to protect concert-goers apparently decided the best way to ensure that the kids had a fun, safe night, was to rough them up and use violent intimidation tactics.

Being the true-blue Aussie battler he is, Northlane‘s guitarist Josh Smith stopped the show, left the stage and intervened with the allegedly overly-aggressive security staff – showing those flamin’ poms just how you deal with dirty seccies in a blue. A full statement from Josh is available below (via Northlane‘s Facebook page):

Southampton, apologies about stopping our set. I left the stage and interjected when I saw the head of security for the…

Posted by Northlane on Friday, 9 October 2015

Unfortunately, the show at which this drama took place was the last date of the band’s UK ‘NODE‘ tour, before they move on to the rest of Europe, and Australia from there. A full list of Northlane‘s remaining tour dates is available HERE, and a full list of dickhead security guards Josh has bashed is available HERE.

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Northlane VS Security
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