MIDNIGHT OIL Frontman Peter Garrett Announces ‘The Backflip’ Tour

MIDNIGHT OIL Frontman Peter Garrett Announces ‘The Backflip’ Tour
Midnight Oil frontman and ex-politician Peter Garrett has announced a solo tour around Australia in anticipation of his debut record, A Version Of Now.

The wacky-dancing-corruptible-arm-flailing-political-pawn (wacky-dancing-corruptible-arm-flailing-political-pawn!) will play 12 shows in every state and territory in the country except for Tasmania, which unlike Darwin (where he’s playing), actually exists.

In an official statement, Tasmanian premier Will Hodgman announced “It’s okay. We don’t want that flog anyway. I hope he slits his wri–uh…I mean, I hope he had a good tour, or whatever.” Mr. Hodgman then reportedly made a pretend gun with the thumb and forefinger of both hands, rapidly firing off fake bullets while laughing maniacally.

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In case you’re a youngin’, or one of our fans from the U.S, Peter Garrett is the melon-headed singer who sung about the plight of the environment for several decades in his band Midnight Oil throughout the 80’s and 90’s. Garrett first entered politics through the fringe political group the Nuclear Disarmament Party, only to approve a Uranium mine a few years later when he entered mainstream politics (lel), then fading into obscurity during the Gillard/Rudd leadership kafuffle. I don’t give a shit about any of this by the way, I just like to poke fun at Garrett doing the ol’ backflip on an issue that was supposedly so close to his heart, mainly just because people get upset about it. Mine all the uranium, I say, who gives a shit.

I’m not sure what the tour is actually called, so I’m donning the “Backfllip Tour’ for now. Cheers.


Tickets available from petergarret.com

Thursday, July 21
Artbar, Perth

Friday, July 22
Settlers Tavern, Margaret River

Saturday, July 23
Queens Park Theatre, Geraldton

Friday, July 29
The Tivoli, Brisbane

Saturday, July 30
Solbar, Maroochydore

Saturday, August 6
The Gov, Adelaide

Sunday, August 7
Darwin Festival

Thursday, August 11
The Factory Theatre, Sydney

Friday, August 12
16s, Belmont

Saturday, 1August 13
Uni Hall, Wollongong

Sunday, August 14
The Playhouse, Canberra

Wednesday, August 17
Athenaeum Theatre, Melbourne

MIDNIGHT OIL Frontman Peter Garrett Announces ‘The Backflip’ Tour
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