KILLSWITCH ENGAGE Stream New Album ‘Incarnate’

KILLSWITCH ENGAGE Stream New Album ‘Incarnate’
The band who everyone will laugh at you for liking, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, are streaming their new album Incarnate to coincide with its official release.

The new album is the band’s seventh studio effort and their second with original vocalist Jesse Leach back on the pipes, after Howard Jones decided to jump ship to poor man’s Killswitch, Devil You Know.

Drummer Justin Foley had the following to say of the new album earlier this year:

“… The new one will definitely be a little different record than last time. Last time, it was really, really fast the whole way through. This one doesn’t have quite the same speed to it, but has a different kind of heaviness to it, I think — a little bit of moodiness to it. I don’t really know how to describe it yet.”

You can stream Incarnate in full below.

KILLSWITCH ENGAGE Stream New Album ‘Incarnate’
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  • Viper

    Best thing they’ve done since As Daylight Dies, no question

  • steve

    nice one