JARED LETO Apologises To TAYLOR SWIFT For Having An Opinion On Her Music

JARED LETO Apologises To TAYLOR SWIFT For Having An Opinion On Her Music
It’s exactly how it sounds.

Actor and 30 SECONDS TO MARS frontman Jared Leto has issued an apology to pop singer Taylor Swift after he expressed an indifferent opinion towards her music.

A video recording released by TMZ shows Leto listening to and criticising a selection of Swift’s songs, and pointing out how similar her music sounds to other pop singers such as Sia and Charlie XCX. The video ends with him announcing, “Fuck her. I don’t give a fuck about her.”

This didn’t sit well with Tay-Tay fans (although the singer herself made no comment), and Leto consequently apologised.

Jeez, what was he thinking? It’s not like he’s allowed an opinion or anything. Ninnies. You’re all a bunch of ninnies. And let’s be real, it’s not like T-Swift DOESN’T deserve some criticism for all of her remarkably similar-sounding tunes.

In cooler news though, you should watch out for Jared Leto in the upcoming supervillain movie Suicide Squad (due to be released in the US around August 2016), where he plays The Joker. You can watch the trailer here, and the TMZ clip below.

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