Ex-Volumes Singer Channels Bieber In New Song

Ex-Volumes Singer Channels Bieber In New Song
Ex-Volumes singer Michael Barr has released his first song since leaving the L.A based metal band in November.

‘Where You Been’ is about as far removed as Volumes as you can get, with the singer attempting to channel a slightly-more-manly Bieber vibe while he bemoans his heartbreak, flopping his fringe about like a 15-year-old emo, and strangley pursues a giant woman down the road who seems too preoccupied staring blankly at the camera to acknowledge the presence of the annoying, soft-haired pipsqueak in the background.

It’s great to see the singer branching out to pursue a musical direction more closely aligned with his tastes, although perhaps someone should do the right thing and let Barr know the niche he’s pursuing is already filled to the brim with crooning contemporaries.

Best of luck to Michael Barr in his abysmal pop career.

Michael Barr – Where You Been – Official Music Video from Michael Barr on Vimeo.

Ex-Volumes Singer Channels Bieber In New Song
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