DVSR Respond to HACKTIVIST Interview Diss, Discover Demo Song Resembling ‘Hate’ Within Ableton Software

DVSR Respond to HACKTIVIST Interview Diss, Discover Demo Song Resembling ‘Hate’ Within Ableton Software
So do you guys all remember when U.K. Djent-rappers Hacktivist dissed Aussie-based DVSR (formerly known as Devastator) in an interview with killyourstereo? Of course you don’t. For all those playing at home, here’s the gist of it:

Basically, when prompted about what he thought about the band widely regarded “the Aussie Hacktivist” – seriously, every review of DVSR mentions the connection – Hacktivist guitarist and not-black-guy Timfy responded with a fairly condescending, dismissive series of comments, which essentially amounted to “lol they’re not as good as us because they can’t do heaps mad guitar interludes like we can”. We’ve quoted the interview with Alex Sievers below:

AS: With no one else sounding like you do, the only other band that has that sound is a band from Sydney called Devastator [DVSR]. Who I’m sure you are aware of.

Timfy: Yeah, we know those guys.

AS: What do you think about them? Cause they take some big cues from you guys, but they are a bit more tech influenced.

Timfy: We get this question quite a lot, actually…

AS: Oh, I bet dude, but still, you must have an opinion on them?

Timfy: I would say that they are a tech version of us, especially from the album now. We explore areas they couldn’t play but just because of how their music is. I don’t mean this in a negative way, but if someone hadn’t heard of either of us and said, “Right, I’ve just heard a band and it’s rap and djent”, then Devastator is exactly that. They are the meat-and-potatoes version of us, and I don’t mean that in a bad way, but I think that we have a larger scope in the style.

Obviously they took influence from us and they didn’t exist before us, I know that for a fact. But there’s enough room for everyone in the world and people ask if they are stepping on [our] toes, and we don’t think so, as they are a bit more hip-hop and more djent influenced, and we have more diversity and the new album shows that.

So now that you are all caught up, fast forward a month, and it seems that DVSR have stumbled on, quite possibly, the best retort that they possibly could have, given that Timfy‘s comments pretty much accuse them of being unimaginative and bland. According to guitarist Andrew Stevens (A.K.A. Shtev), he was writing some music and decided to download Ableton Live 9, a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). Upon completion of the download, Stevens proceeded to click through some of the sample sets that come with the standard edition, and lo and behold, found a song with an eerie similarity to Hacktivist‘s track Hate, from their studio debut album Outside The Box, released earlier this year.

I can already hear some of you presenting the chicken/egg argument, but in this case, it’s pretty easy to determine which came first; the demo, or the ‘Hate’. As luck would have it, in the demo video for Ableton Live 9, appropriately called ‘New in Ableton Live 9‘, we actually hear the demo in question. If you click the link, we’ve actually taken the liberty of starting the video right when the demo comes in. Now, considering that this video was posted on October 25th, 2012, I think it’s pretty clear that it predates Outside The Box by some margin.

If you needed any further convincing, Shtev also took the liberty of editing together a neat little video comparing the two side by side, and even overlaying the two to really emphasise the similarity. In addition to this, he shows very clearly the pathway to the demo within the DAW itself, in case you have the same software and want to check it out for yourself. Hell, you might even be able to launch your own rap-metal project, and you too can join in on the tasty, succulent beef that this is sure to deliver.

DVSR Respond to HACKTIVIST Interview Diss, Discover Demo Song Resembling ‘Hate’ Within Ableton Software
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