DOWN ‘Remove Themselves’ From Download Festival, Phil Anselmo Is A Big Baby

DOWN ‘Remove Themselves’ From Download Festival, Phil Anselmo Is A Big Baby
In hopefully the last we’ll hear about it for a while, Download Festival have confirmed that DOWN have ‘removed themselves’ from the lineup and won’t be appearing at any European festival dates.

The news comes after Phil Anselmo himself announced he won’t be playing any more shows for the festival, after receiving endless backlash for his hairbrained ‘white power’ incident back in January at the Dimebash reunion show.

Anselmo has issued several written apologies and has appeared in a number of videos in an effort to halt the hate train, with everyone from Machine Head to festival organisers slamming the singer for his racist behaviour.

We’ve written several pieces on the incident (check them out below), however it appears Phil has gone past the point of self-loathing and is now seemingly sabotaging himself and the band. It’s completely understandable that he feels awful for what he’s done, but apologising and showing remorse is all you can do. The more he engages in endless self-flagellation, the less likely Down and his public image are to recover.

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Download Festival itself is likely to be unaffected, boasting such legends such as Korn, Iron Maiden, Deftones and Black Sabbath, the news of the festival making the leap to Australia has been welcomed with open arms.

DOWN ‘Remove Themselves’ From Download Festival, Phil Anselmo Is A Big Baby
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